Battle Riot V Recap: Alex Kane Goes The Distance

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It’s Battle Riot V tonight as 40 competitors look to secure their World Title shot anytime, anywhere! The status of the World Champion, Alex Hammerstone, is currently in question, but that isn’t stopping the league from having a full blown battle in Philadelphia. Rules are simple, every minute a new fighter enters the fray and an elimination can occur by being thrown over the top or by pinfall or submission!


We get right to it with the first entrant: Alex Kane!

If the BOMAYE Fight Club leader has a tall task ahead of him if he wants to go the distance and the second entrant proves it with Willie Mack!

Philadelphia got it’s first shock of the evening with the notorious announcer Jesus Rodriguez!

He’s not afraid to mix it up, even in a full suit, as he corner splashes Mack, and the action continues with #4, Lince Dorado.

The Middleweight Champ is title-less due to Lio Rush, but he keeps his eyes on the prize. Someone who just lost their title and partner is Calvin Tankman as “Heavyweight Hustle” is #5! 

After that, World Tag Champ, Lance Anoa’i continues his Battle Riot streak at #6!

The momentum shifts greatly however at lucky number seven with Microman! Philly is all for the mighty fighter as he is fearless getting in the ring.

#8 is someone Microman is all too familiar with as an Azteca henchman looks to represent Cesar Duran.  Matters get even more violent as Juicy Finau enters at #9 with a shopping cart full of weapons!

The ring needs to be reinforced as it’s the return of Beastman at #10! 

Philly sees a familiar face in Little Guido as “The Godfather” of extreme mixes it up with a very full ring.

Someone who has no positive relationship with Philadelphia is Pittsburgh’s own Sam Adonis comes in with the tight rope walk and turns it into a double blockbuster!

We have a showdown between him, Tankman and Finau, but who’s ready to get involved is Microman! He takes a bite out of Beastman and through a team effort, the big man is eliminated!

Microman will get a little more help as Mance Warner comes in with a 2×4! He wields the weapon to his advantage and is able to get the pinball on Rodriguez!

However, matters got way out of hand for Ol’ Mancer as he and Adonis take one another out and brawl to the back. Kane then finds a moment to catch hold of Microman and make him submit!

The bout does indeed become a riot as Raven makes sure all hell breaks loose as  the entire Calling comes out to cause chaos, complete with Akira, Dr. Cornwallis, Rickey Shane Page and several gas masked thugs!

Through the commercial break an unwanted record is set as one of the Azteca henchman gets immediately disposed of by RSP! Someone who is in complete dire straits is Finau, who The Calling has entangled in the ropes. RSP presents a jug of gasoline before out comes Jacob Fatu to clear house!

Akira is one of the several to sacrifice himself in favor for the cause of The Calling but Fatu has his sights on RSP and it ultimately is an endgame for both fighters as both eliminate one another! After all that, the lone man still in the Riot is the man who drew #1 in Kane!

A Riot regular Kim Chee comes down but Kane quickly chokes him out. Up next is Midas of the up-and-coming Mane Event team, but he too gets put to sleep.

After making history last year in Battle Riot IV, Taya Valkyrie returns this year and the Featherweight Champion shows zero fear against Kane, but The Suplex Assassin keeps the champ down for the 1-2-3 with a fisherman’s suplex!

Next up is Midas’ tag partner in Jay Lyon as the unorthodox fighter finds him getting choked out too!

If we thought The Calling was done, we were dead wrong as we see Matthew Justice is thwarted in entering the match

The competition continues for Kane as Guido’s godson Ray Jaz comes to face BOMAYE’s best. Jaz, a decorated collegiate wrestler in his own right, gives Kane a run for his money, but ultimately has to submit after a modified rear naked sleeper!

Perhaps Kane’s hour has come as “The Bad Child” Lio Rush comes in to hit Kane with a springboard stunner. That stops the Battle Riot bleeding for now as Kane appeared to be unstoppable.

After Rush is Tracy Williams who is making his league debut and comes in looking to prove his meddle.

It’s not long before the ring tips back in favor of BOMAYE as O’Shay Edwards comes in to help correct course for Kane!

Another shocker is out next as Philadelphia is surprised by the appearance of Duke “The Dumpster” Drose! 

The legend comes in to crash a trash can over the skull of Edwards before Kane gets him tangled up in an ankle lock. The torque that Kane has on the leg looks gruesome, but it makes all the more sense when we see Drose has a prosthetic limb akin to Mad Dog Vachon. Kane calls an audible and grabs hold of the other leg to make Drose tap. The Calling come back out to cause more anarchy, but Fatu is seen still battling with RSP!

During a break, SGC does get more representation as 1 Called Manders comes out to make a statement. He’s soon followed up by the National Openweight Champion in John Hennigan.

An ongoing adversary for Kane has been Davey Boy Smith Jr. who enters next and he’s dressed in the gear like his legendary father in jeans and boots!

Up next is Shigehiro Irie as he is a certified wild card in the final stages of the Riot. 

Philly however, gets its’ final shock of the evening with the final entrant in the Riot: it’s none other than Gene Snitsky. The veteran big man takes his foes out with ease before it takes a team effort to eliminate him from the fight.

After that, it’s down to the final four: Irie, DBS, Hennigan and Kane. The latter two tangle up. The fight come in between the canvas and the apron and just as Kane breaks the Riot record for the longest time to last in the match, he chokes Hennigan out!

Not long after, DBS sends Irie over the top and we’re down to the final two in full circle fashion. We have the rubber match between Kane and DBS!

Both men read one another so well, but Kane catches Davey after a pin attempt and it’s in a rear naked choke in the center of the ring. DBS struggles to free himself, but he can’t and has to submit! Kane has gone the distance!!

The whole BOMAYE Fight Club is out to celebrate as Mr. Thomas makes sure Kane get’s a hero’s celebration after what was a historic hero’s journey for Major League Wrestling!

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