Underground Recap: The Calling Continues To Cause Chaos


It’s the season finale of MLW Underground, but it’s just the beginning for BOMAYE Fight Club as Alex Kane was the lone man standing tall after surviving 40 other fighters last week to earn his Golden Ticket against the World Champion Alex Hammerstone!

We start the show off with Kane and Mr. Thomas and Philadelphia is fully behind the BOMAYE boom.

Kane goes out to engage with the fans before making it known tonight he’s bringing back the “Thrilla In Phila” Prize Fight and Kane has a bag of money in his grasp. Je hands the mic over to Thomas who claims he’s the toughest and biggest man in the league and nobody can beat him – not even Hammerstone. 

To many’s surprise considering the injury suffered at War Chamber, Hammer emerges with his leg taped and he accepts the challenge! The bells sounds and the fight begins!

“Thrilla In Phila” Prize Fight
Mr. Thomas (with Alex Kane) vs. Alex Hammerstone

Thomas starts firmly in control of the battle as we go into a commercial break, but coming back from it Hammer shows Thomas his power by rattling him and hoisting him up for an unbelievable Nightmare Pendulum! It’s all over. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Alex Hammerstone

It was clear Kane always had the intention to egg Hammer out and that plan worked, but Thomas couldn’t take out the champ! However, it’s The Calling who tries to finish the job as Raven sends out some martyrs to destroy Hammer. He fends off a lackey as out comes Jacob Fatu and SST to even the odds as once more, all chaos ensues!

That Prize Fight surely must have frustrated Kane as it’s good news for league fans. Earlier today, MLW CEO Court Bauer made the announcement that Never Say Never will go down on July 8 in Philly and it will air LIVE on Fite TV Plus! The main event? Alex Kane vs. Alex Hammerstone! Get your tickets at MLW2300.com!

We cut to Mance Warner who is down in Bucksnort, TN. He’s been working all day, shoveling sh*t, drinking and thinking about fighting, but not just anybody – Sam Adonis. The two brawled themselves right out of the Battle Riot but blood is boiling between them and that’s all Mancer has been thinking about. He makes it clear to Adonis that he has his sights set on “El Rudo.”

MLW World Tag Team Championship
The Mane Event vs. SST (c)

Jay Lyon and Midas Black sure have a unique presentation and unorthodox style as the two show their speed against the defending champs. They go for a pin attempt on Anoa’i but a big senton by Finau stops it all Kicks and strikes cause Finau to teeter, but only briefly as the big Tongan catches both with a double cross body!

Not much left after that as he lays Jay Lyon out with a Toku Driver and it sets Anoa’i up for the Polynesian Plunge: 1-2-3!

WINNERS and STILL MLW World Tag Team Champions: SST

Brittany Blake vs. B3CCA

The Featherweight from Baltimore is back in a MLW ring, but Brittany Blake may have needed to cover her ears as B3CCA came out with a mic in hand and a song in her heart that nobody wanted to hear.

Philly is booing B3CCA relentlessly as the bell rings and the two fighters get down to business. Blake shows her viciousness by pulling the hair of B3CCA. Blake hits a tope suicida to the outside before bringing B3CCA back in the ring for a kick to the spine!

However B3CCA gets her cornered for a running back elbow, a running boot and quickly ascends for a harsh missile dropkick!

Blake rolls to the outside and B3CCA runs to hit a senton to the outside!

Back in the ring, B3CCA hits a diving cross body for a two count! Blake fires back with an enziguri before B3CCA nails a beautiful German suplex. She climbs up top and hits a picture perfect 450 splash for the pinfall victory!


Backstage, the Featherweight division continues to build as we see Sam Leterna standing with one of the league’s newest signees in Delmi Exo. She makes it crystal clear that she wants gold and that will have to begin with Taya Valkyrie!

We witness a recap of Alex Kane’s victory at Battle Riot V before we get ready for the main event. However, a fight has broken out between Finau and Anoa’i against Little Guido and Ray Jaz backstage!

We see the tale of the tape for John Hennigan vs. Jacob Fatu before the challenger steps out, in the zone and determined to obtain the Openweight Title. However, he’s ambushed from behind by The Calling. The whole cult is out as Raven stands over the fallen Fatu as he makes certain the Samoan Werewolf is not in fighting shape. Fatu is laid out, the fight clearly has to be postponed and we’re left wondering how MLW will stop all this madness!

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