Fusion Recap: Hennigan Defends Openweight Gold Against Willie Mack


The latest episode of MLW Fusion fires off with Featherweight action as “International Pop Star” B3CCA battles #1 contender Delmi Exo!

B3CCA vs. Delmi Exo

Delmi hopes to rise to the occassion after signing a deal with MLW but B3CCA buttons her hard into the corner with her patented shotgun dropkick. That takes Delmi off her game, but she’s able to recaliberate and hits a very nice dropkick of her own!

B3CCA does show her resilency soon enough by catching Delmi with a kick ot the face then hits a springboard cutter that downs Delmi enough for a two count!

B3CCA soon bounds up top for a high risk maneuver that doesn’t pay off as she misses a moonsault. That allows Delmi to pop back up and grab B3CCA for a Delmi Driver. 1-2-3!

WINNER: Delmi Exo

Delmi stands tall this week but will she be able to topple Taya Valkyrie for the Featherweight Title in just a mere seven days?

That’s not the only title match on tap as Lince Dorado will put his World Middleweight gold on the line against Lio Rush and Akira. We get a better look at Akira and his purpose in Raven’s The Calling.

Speaking of looks, we get full details behind one of MLW’s fastest rising tag teams in The Mane Event.

Backstage we see Sam Leterna standing with Willie Mack who’s going to be facing John Hennigan in tonight’s main event. When asked what his strategy is, Mack remains mum, but he does have a plan in place for the champ!

Yoscifer El vs. 1 Called Manders

The erratic El and Manders trade harsh strikes with one another but it’s not long until Manders shows his natural strength by nailing the wildman with a textbook gordbuster.

El does hit Manders with a earthshaking cross body but doesn’’t even make an attmept at a cover. That allows Manders to catch him off guard and nail an intense three-point lariat and that’s more than good enough for the three count!

WINNER: 1 Called Manders

We cut backstage to see Alex Kane pacing with the BOMAYE Fight Club. He says the sport needs a revolution and he makes clear that BOMAYE is for the people! You can tell Kane is hyped and ready to go on July 8 in Philly.

Someone who seems ready for next week is Taya Valkyrie. La Wera Loca exudes confidence and she’s more than certain that Delmi Exo is just another speedbump on her path to greatness!

It’s official who the returning Timothy Thatcher’s opponent will be as “The Sweet Scientist” will be taking on “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams in singles action on July 8 in Philadelphia.

It’s main event time.

National Openweight Championship
Willie Mack vs. John Hennigan
(c) (with Taya Valkyrie & Sam Adonis)

Henningan goes to kick Mack, but his leg gets caught. John pokes Mack in the eye before he takes him down with a headlock. Mack, however gives Hennigna a masive receipt with an bone-crunching Pounce!

Hennigan soon finds himself on the apron, giving him just enough distance to catch Mack with smack! Mack is all kinds of heated of heated and makes Hennigan pay with an exploder suplex on the outside!

The game continues to be one of cat and mouse and that’s all the more exemplified when Mack tries getting hold of Hennigan up top, Hennigan avoids Mack’s grasp and reaches under behind the post to trip him up. He sees the window and goes for the Starship pain, but Mack moves!

It’s not long Willie Mack goes on an absolute flurry as he catches Hennigan with a massice lariat, a spinning back elbow and puts him down hard with a big time body slam. He nails his standing moonsault. 1-2-kickout!

It’s only a matter of time before Taya Valkyrie attempted to get involved as she hopped up on the apron to deliver some choice words for Willie Hennigan goes to attack with a super kick, but Mack moves and he accidently catches Taya with it! Adonis comes in to take Willie out with the title but Willie sees him and puts him down with a stunner! In comes Hennigan who Willie rocks with a sky high! 1-2-kickout!

Momentum is behind Mack as he climbs up top to potentially hit a frog splash, but Hennigan rolls, Mack makes the adjustment mid-leap, charges at Hennigan who attempts to take a swing with his title, but Mack attempts a sunset flip. As Hennigan tries to fight free, the ref takes the title out of his hands and gives it back to Taya at ringside. As that happens, Mack clearly has a three count on Hennigan, but Adonis comes in and whacks Mack with the Featherweight Title! Hennigan covers, ref sees: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL National Openweight Champion: John Hennigan

Mack had that victory absolutely in the bag but Azteca Lucha had the numbers game in their favor and the trio took advantage to make sure Hennigan held onto his title!

We cut to outside as an MLW camera man catches up to Hammerstone as they ask him about Kane’s press conference last week. Hammer said that Kane has so many options as to how things are going to play out, but option D is where Kane will face him with no BS, but he doesn’t that that option is on the table. Kane won Battle Riot, ticket is in his hand, now enough games. Let’s get down to business.

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