Fusion Recap: Two New Champions Crowned In NYC


It’s a big evening in New York City as there are not one, but two title matches on tap. The young Delmi Exo will finally get her shot at Taya Valkyrie and the Featherweight Championship and we get an inside look at her journey to tonight. To kick off the in-ring action, we have the World Middleweight Title on the line although the champ Lince Dorado doesn’t have possession of it!

As Dorado makes his way to the ring, he’s attacked from behind by Akira who is flanked by Raven. This ambush starts on the entryway and goes all the way to ringside as Lio Rush, with Lince’s title around his waist, comes out for the match. The crowd has to be under the impression that the match won’t take place, but Dorado appears good enough to go and the fight is on!

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Lince Dorado (c) vs. Akira vs. Lio Rush

Lio and Akira start things off as Lince recovers as Lio shows off his offense. He gets a two count on Akira, but Lince comes in and clears house!

Lince decides to go back to the outside on his own record by hitting a tornillo from up top and the champ is fired up!

Back in the ring, Dorado catches Lince with a top rope crossbody and gets a two count!

Akira wrenches the arm of Dorado in order to get back in control, but Lio breaks up the submission

The focus turns to Akira as Lince pops him with a handspring cutter and Lio quickly follows up with his own GTFO springboard cutter.

Lio and Lince duke it up and the champ gets the better of the exchange and downs Dorado with a stiff kick.

Lio ascends up top but Akira catches him at the pass. Lio fights out but is dazed. Lince gets Akira in an armbar submission but Lio leaps off with a splash to break it all up!

All three men continue the fight, but it’s Akira who gets the better of it all when Dorado downs Lio. Akira comes from behind and nails Lince with his devastating Death Penalty finisher and just like that, it’s over and we have a NEW World Middleweight Champion!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion: Akira

Post match, Akira lays the title out on stage and The Calling have broken into the championship tower of the league. Raven has to feel validated after this big win for Akira.

We go backstage to hear from Taya Valkyrie but audio issues are preventing any of that and the Featherweight Champ is NOT pleased and lets producer Alex Greenfield have an earful!

Speaking of The Calling, Fatu may have been beaten down by the group but he’s back and ready to go against John Hennigan next week with the Openweight Title on the line! Fatu’s spirits seem high as he makes it crystal clear he plans to put the pain on John and get that gold around his waist!

A disturbing video was released by The Calling earlier in the week and league officials have gotten ahold of it. We see Raven, Rickey Shane Page and Akira all looking down at Mandy Leon who looks to be under the spell of The Calling!

We cut to Sam Leterna who earlier in the day as she caught up with Willie Mack to get details as to how he preps for a match and let’s just say it’s quite unorthodox.

Sam Adonis (with John Hennigan) vs. Willie Mack

Before the bell rings, Adonis comes out and disparages the Big Apple. He singles out some fans at ringside before Mack makes his way down and let’s both Azteca Lucha members know he’s got two boots and he has a plan where to put them!

Adonis is talking trash to fans when the bell sounds and Mack makes him pay with some hard punches and the sends him tumbling to the outside. Mack makes sure that Hennigan stays clear as he gets Adonis back in the ring.

The momentum shifts in Adonis’ favor however, that swiftly goes back to Mack with a punch and a dropkick! Adonis soon follows up with a heel trip: 1-2-no!

Adonis decides to walk the tightrope, but Mack makes him pay  by pull him down and covers for a two count. Matt Striker notes that he thinks Mack is hurt.

Despite that Mack hits Adonis with a Samoan Drop. Both men are down The referee gets to a nine count before the hurt Mack attempts a kip up. He can’t do it, but he does hit a standing moonsault: 1-2-kickout!

Both men are on their feet and strikes are traded. As Mack pops Adonis up for a punch, Hennigan grabs the leg of Mack. Adonis takes advantage and downs the hurt Mack. He nails a 450 splash from up top and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Sam Adonis

As Adonis celebrates, Sam Leterna conducts an interview with Ol’ Mance Warner on stage. Adonis doesn’t like it and tries to demean Warner as the two have history. Warner spits beer in Adonis’ face. Both he and Hennigan attack Warner and take him down to the ring, The ambush is brutal as Azteca Lucha take a big black belt and choke the life out of Warner. The bell is ringing and the crowd shows it’s displeasure.

Back from break, we see Alex Kane calls Court Bauer cheap as he’s not meeting his financial needs for a fight, but the BOMAYE backer has got a bag of money that Kane will put on the line for a Big Apple Grapple. He wants to be PAID for his World Title Fight in Philly on July 8!

Once again, we cut to Taya, but the audio is still an issue and she loses it. She says she’s leaving the league for good reason, but is she taking that Featherweight Title with her?

We’re about to find out cause it’s main event time!

MLW World Featherweight Championship
Delmi Exo vs. Taya Valkyrie (c) (with John Hennigan)

Taya shows exactly why she’s the champ for the first heavy part of the battle as she plays the mind games but also corners Delmi. Delmi, however, does get a strike into Valkyrie and she goes to the outside to reset, but she likely has more plans in place to lure Exo out. It worked and she’s on the attack, sending Exo into the ring post. Taya even distracts official Frank Gastineau as Hennigan grind his boot into the face of Delmi!

Back in the ring, Valkyrie covers for a two count. Taya takes a strong command of the match, but Delmi finds an opening when Valkyrie misses a charge in the corner! Delmi nails a very impressing Anglerbuster! That gets a two count but she quickly follows up with a Pedigree! Two count!

Striker questions Delmi’s inexperience as Valkyrie lets the young star wear herself out before hitting a blue thunder bomb: two count!

Exo looks to turn the momentum in her favor, but Hennigan grabs her leg! Taya goes to get the W, but Delmi has the clear three count on her! However, Hennigan distracts Gastineau!

Taya looks for even a better advantage with a well timed strike, but that’s mistimed as she hits her husband. Taya is so distraught that when she turns around Delmi nails a Delmi Driver and covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW World Featherweight Champion: Delmi Exo

The new champ takes in the shocked NYC crowd as she celebrates with her new title as the reign of Valkyrie has come to an end!

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