Never Say Never Recap: Alex Kane Rings In A New Era For MLW

The time has arrived, it’s MLW Never Say Never in Philadelphia as Major League Wrestling presents it’s first LIVE PPV on Fite TV and the festivities start literally in a big way as Jacob Fatu defends his National Openweight Championship against another super heavyweight in “Heavyweight Hustle,” Calvin Tankman!

National Openweight Championship
Calvin Tankman vs. Jacob Fatu (c)

It doesn’t take long for the two fighters to spill outside as guardrails become the victims of the competitor’s frames. 

Fatu slows the pace down, but favors his left knee and Tank senses that weakness to jump with some jabs and back elbows. He dumps Fatu out again. He topes on top of The Samoan Werewolf before getting him back in for a modified sit-out pump handle for a near fall!

He already signals for the end and lifts Fatu up, but he gets dead-weighted and Fatu hits a moonsault for his own near victory.

That knee continues to come into play as Fatu attempts a moonsault up top to no avail. Tankman gets him up there, but it’s Fatu who hits a Frankensteiner! Big swanton bomb: 1-2-no!

Tankman continues to mean business as he catches Fatu with his patented pop-up spinning back elbow. Somehow, someway, Fatu soon musters  up enough strength to catch Tank with a rolling standing Denton from up top and it’s good enough to keep the challenger down for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW National Openweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

Post-fight, Fatu gets on the stick and gives props to Tankman for the hard-fought fight as he talks about being a fellow family man and embraces him.

Earlier in the day, we see Alex Kane walking into the 2300 Arena and he’s got bunch of supporters agreeing with the signature sentiment that “BOMAYE is for…the people!”


MLW World Featherweight Championship & WXW Women’s World Championship
Ava Everett (c) vs. Delmi Exo (c)

Ava already shows that she doesn’t want any of that smoke and makes the exit, but The God Queen drags her back into the ring for a shotgun dropkick that shakes the 2300!

Delmi goes for a dive out of the ring, but Ava catches her with a forearm and gives her a cutter over the rope. Her vicious attack behinds and gets the Featherweight Champ down for a two count.

The two fights exchange strikes but Ava gets Delmi off her feet with a kick to the leg before choking her in the corner. She hits a neck breaker for a two count.

Delmi almost is able to hit her finisher but instead gets Ava to the outside for that tope dive! Delmi is FIRED up, climbs up top and hits a shotgun dropkick from up top!

Ava is soon to catch her with her patented Ace Cutter and goes for the flamboyant cover: it doesn’t do her any favors as Delmi does kick out. She gets Ava with an exploder suplex and hits her Delmi Driver finisher! 1-2-3! New Double Champ!

WINNER and NEW WXW Women’s World Champion: Delmi Exo

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tracy Williams

These two are wrestlers at their core as Thatcher makes his long-awaited return to MLW. They lock up and one another reach a stalemate several times, but tensions are clearly flaring up. Thatcher gets Tracy down and surfboard stretches him but Williams turns it into a pin attempt! Things are heating up.

Timothy hits a European Uppercut and then wrenches the leg of Tracy, but Tracy rolls through for a leg vine. Thatcher makes it to the ropes. He drops an elbow on Williams for a pin attempt. Some solid shots from Hot Sauce that puts Thatcher down.

Thatcher’s leg continues to get twisted by Tracy before he gets back on his feet for a crisp suplex. More European uppercuts by Thatcher until a strikes enrages him and and catches Tracy with a big suplex. The Sweet Scientist gets to work at contorting Tracy’s limbs  before both men trade strikes yet again. They meet one another up top as Thatcher aims for a superplex, but a headbutt frees Williams. Thatcher, however, pulls Tracy down and covers for two.

Thatcher gets Williams in a chin lock as Williams struggles free with strikes to the gut, but Thatcher goes to old reliable with a harsh European Uppercut. He slams Williams face off the side of the ring apron.

The two duke it out on the apron before Thatcher brings Tracy back in with a belly-to-back. He covers: 1-2-no!

The tide completely turns as Williams catches Williams with a leaping DDT from the top rope and while Thatcher manages to get the shoulder up, he’s beyond the ability to continue on. Referee Frank Gastineau calls for the fight and the league doctor comes in to check on Thatcher.

WINNER: Tracy Williams

Thatcher finally comes to to a round of applause and takes a bow to the fans for their support.

It’s time for a country whipping! Sam Adonis saunters out to berate the Philadelphia crowd until Mance Warner makes his way down.

Country Whipping Match
Sam Adonis vs. Mance Warner

This battle sure involves the leather straps, but Sam is swift to go out of the ring and use the weapon of mind games. However, Mance is all too familiar with steel chairs and lets Adonis know about it.

The two continue to duke it out at ringside, cracking one another with vicious strap strikes. Adonis sends Mancer into the barricade and goes under the ring. He pulls out a toolbox, but isn’t done there. He sends not one, but two ring boards in.

As he goes for Mance, the Southern Psycho sends a steel chair his way.

Back in the ring, Adonis takes command with the strap and chokes Mance with it before pulling out a screwdriver. He drives it into the skull of Mance and the Bucksnort Brawler is bleeding like a stuck pig!

Sam whips him him and Mance wants more, but Mancer is losing blood fast.

Adonis isn’t done and then takes a bigger screwdriver to Mance’s cranium until he begins choking Mane with it!

Sam sets up a board in the corner as Mance grabs hold of the screwdriver. Sam tosses it from his hands and begins whipping Mance again.  Blood still pours from Mance but he flip flops and flies he way back to his feet! Mance demands a chair and gets it. He nails Sam across the back before setting it up. He goes for a leaping DDT off it but Adonis turns it right into a Death Valley driver through the ring board and a near fall! How Mance is still going is beyond belief at this point. Sam is sick of it and calls for back up as two Azteca henchman run down with steel chairs. They gang up on Mance before setting up another ring board, but Mance fights on. However, the numbers game is too much. Who comes to regulate but SGC and Microman! Microman catches Adonis with a kendo, but boots the fighter down. However, Mancer uranages Adonis through the board, hits his patented running knee and it’s all over!

WINNER: Mance Warner

Post fight, Mancer is grinning ear to ear and embraces his little buddy! SGC and Microman all celebrate with a few brewskis afterwards

Speaking of Microman, MSL thinks he’s old news and now is the future. He’s got a juicy salacious scoop for Sam Leterna. He says he’s secured the rights to the next pick in the MLW Open Draft. 

Sure enough, it’s Matt Cardona! He calls himself the #1 draft pick and the “Major Player.”

Hardcore Match (Fans bring the weapons!)
MLW World Tag Team Championships
The Calling (Rickey Shane Page & Akira) vs. Samoan Swat Team 9c)

This fight doesn’t even begin in the ring as The Calling looks to gain the advantage , but Jacob Fatu comes out to regulate! He gets in and nails RSP with a swanton bomb!

Atlas Security finally comes down to pull Fatu away.

Trash cans become involved as SST uses it to beat their challengers in the corner with cannonballs and body splashes.

Akira is donning a crimson mask as RSP fights with  SST and the tides quickly turn in a very violent way.

Akira puts a barbed board across the face off Lance Anoa’i and boot washes it! The Calling then take the trash can to Juicy before the brawl goes outside for all four fighters.

Lance presents a table and so does Juicy. Akira corners Lance in the barricade and chops him as RSP fends Juicy off with a trash can. Big running boot to Lance by Akira and The Calling have a gameplay. They slide a table in the ring, but Lance tries to thwart any advances with some strikes to Akira. Juicy pulls out a plunger and sticks it on the face of RSP! RSP goes to hit Juicy with another trash can but accidentally nails Akira!

Back in the ring , Lance isolates RSP as Juicy bashes Akira with a bottle. A table is still center ring. Juicy goes to suplex Akira through but he has to resort to a Samoan Drop which happens to be on a cactus (yes, you read that right!). Juicy gets involved but so does Delirious! That prompts Fatu to charge back out and he uses his body to clear outs from the men in gas masks!

Back in the ring RSP wraps his hand in a chain, but Juicy catches him. Akira catches Juicy with an enziguri and then hits him with a meteor through a table on the outside! Juicy is out. Lance is super kicking the teeth out of RSP, but Rickey rolls under the table and catches Lance with an avalanche DDT from up top! He covers: 1-2-3!

WINNERS and NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Calling

We’ve been wondering for months who’s been backing the BOMAYE Fight Club and we have an answer – it’s Don King!! He wants Alex Kane to bring that World Title back to him!

We see announcer Mike DeAngelis in the ring ready to announce the next event until a stage hand runs to the ring with cue cards. He begins feeding them for DeAngelis to read and sure enough, it’s a pre-written introduction for “International Pop Star” B3CCA!

Suddenly the lights dim and she’s on stage with back-up dancers. She calls the fans in attendance her littler “Philadelphia Criminals” and says Doja Cat couldn’t open for her tonight. She begins singing her “new hot single” “Hot Fun” and it’s much to the chagrin of the Philly crowd. The crowd is beside themselves as she finishes up when some crazed fan in angel wings hops on stage before security drags him off! It looks to be Love, Doug!

However, it’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Kane vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Philadelphia is all behind “BOMAYE” “Kane’s club” comes down to the ring as rapper Lacy The Great raps him to the ring. Kane is all intensity for his fight as he gives Lacy props. The long-reigning champion comes out to a polarizing reaction, but Hammerstone is in no foreign territory as the champ embraces it. He doesn’t even throw his shirt out to the crowd and grins at Kane.

The introductions are made and the bell sounds.  These two have traveled such similar paths as both men lock up. Hammer shows his power before Kane goes for his grappler background with the ground game.

They continue to lock out as each fighter wants to out exert each other. It’s becoming a real chess match. Hammer cinches in a headlock, but then so does Kane. Although never facing one another, the two fighters seem to know each other’s game so well. Kane goes to get a rear naked choke on Hammer, but the champ uses momentum to dump him out. He then hits a belly to back on the apron.

The fight continues in a rough way as Hammer and Kane resort to brawling with hard strikes at ringside to one another. Hammer sends Kane into the post, gets back in the ring, and rolls back in to embrace that reaction. He then hangs Kane over the apron and continues to strike away at Kane before slow clapping and hitting a bicycle kick to Kane’s skill.

Back in the ring, Kane finds an opening and hits a spinning elbow with a leaping clothesline. It’s now Hammerstone hung over the apron and hit hits a body splash to the champ! Hammer struggles to his feet as Kane charges at him with three elbow strikes before hitting a big suplex. His eyes are on Hamer as Philly begins to heat back up behind BOMAYE.  Big German suplex from Kane: 1-2-no. He hits another one. 1-2-no again!

Kane goes to the dragon suplex and Hammer’s eyes widen as he knows he’s in trouble, but the momentum charges him up and he fights back! Hammer breaks through Kane’s clotheslines and lariats him down! He shakes the ropes in the defiance of Philly! Big body splash in the corner to Kane, Kane boots Hammer, but Hammer hits a power slam!  1-2-no!

Hammer catches Kane with a burning hammer but that’s still not enough!

Hammer is fed up and signals for the end, Kane rolls him up for a school boy and it buys him some time to hit a jumping flatliner. Kane gets him in a sleeper. Hammer is fading but he fights on and grabs the rope.

Back his feet, Hammer hits a massive choke slam and covers for two.  He’s steaming after the near fall and grabs Kane to talk trash. Kane strikes hims and hits a Kane Maker angle slam. Kane covers but Hammer gets to the rope and the challenger is frustrated too.

Soon, Hammer signals for a Nightmare Pendulum, but calls an audible gets him hoisted up top for a superplex Alex into a Nightmare Pendulum, but Kane reverses it into a standing gordbuster! Kane however, does get caught with the Nightmare Pendulum, but the ring awareness of Kane allows him to rolll out of the ring!

Hammerstone wastes no time and gets Kane back in the ring, and as Hammer steps back in over the middle rope, Kane kicks the rope and crotches Hammer on it. Big gut wrench suplex from up top and Kane covers: 1-2-kickout! Kane contemplates his next move. However, Hammer hits him with a German and a big power bomb. Hammer goes for Nightmare Pendulum #2, but Mr. Thomas hops on the apron. Hammer stares him down and Kane charges but it ends up knocking Mr. Thomas off. Big dropkick to Kane, but Kane gets him in a small package – kick out by Hammer, both men get to their feet and Kane gets him him a rear naked choke! He gets the powerful Hammer down and cinches in. Hammer is struggling to stay conscious but he has no option. The Champion taps!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Kane

The BOMAYE Fight Club crew swarm the ring and hoist Kane up on his shoulders! Kane gets on the mic and let’s the world know that “BOMAYE is for THE PEOPLE!” It’s a new era for Major League Wrestling and that’s on BOMAYE!

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