Fusion Recap: 2023 Opera Cup Begins With Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Calvin Tankman


The Opera Cup will kick off tonight in the main event of #MLWFusion as Calvin Tankman will face Davey Boy Smith Jr. The 2019 Opera Cup Champion won’t have the crowd in his favor this time as he recently booted Microman, but he may have a hard time doing such to Heavyweight Hustle!

We also know that a World Title match is made official for Fury Road on September 3 as Willie Mack will battle new champ Alex Kane! Mack went out to celebrate Kane’s big win with BOMAYE, but apparently Kane big-leagued The Mack during it. We’ll hear more on that tonight.

B3CCA vs. Billie Starks

B3CCA takes her first big bite out of the The Big Apple by singing one of her new hit singles live for the first time, but just like Never Say Never, the crowd doesn’t seem too enthused. Despite that, B3CCA surprisingly offers her hand out of respect for Billie Starks and the two shake without any problems.

Next we see a chess game of athleticism as B3CCA shows her skills while Starkz out-maneuvers them!

Billie turns the tide with a tope in front of legendary superfan Vladimir! Billie leaps off the top towards B3CCA but she moves and Billie hurts herself. B3CCA notices and nails a major boot for a very near fall.

She continues that momentum with a signature shotgun dropkick but still can’t keep Starkz down before getting a single leg crab in.

Billie fires back with a harsh back elbow and that leads to a slugfest and a double lariat resets the hard-hitting action!

The official gets near the ten count before Billie gets back up. Despite her leg injury, Billie fights through the pain and hits a beautiful German suplex but can’t bridge well enough due to the leg. B3CCA catches her up top with a head scissors, then hits a harsh TKO: 1-2-no!

Billie fights on and goes up top once more, but B3CCA once again goes for her hand-standing head scissors. Billie pushes her off and B3CCA faceplates. She leaps and nails a sweet Swanton for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Billie Starkz

Billie was ready to walk to the back when a gas mask henchman of The Calling presented her a box akin to what they did to Hammerstone months back. However, this time it wasn’t a squid, but something foreign that looked like brain matter! Rightfully so, Starkz is disturbed!

What has disturbed the MLW landscape has been this year’s Open Draft as the league has welcomed the likes of Kevin Blackwood, Matt Cardona and O’Shay Edwards! This week we have round four and who flutters in but Love Doug, the same person that hijacked B3CCA’s live performance at Never Say Never! Sam Leterna caught up with the new draft pick and sure enough, love is in the air for Doug. He said B3CCA’s voice were like angels flying down from heaven. Cupid has clearly drawn his bow and Doug has been drawn towards B3CCA!

MSL has drawn ire from the league faithful after his treacherous actions against Microman. Leterna caught up with the crooked promoter to admonish him for what he did, but MSL makes clear he still sleeps well at night. He hopes to never see Microman again, but that clearly doesn’t happen as Microman dives in on MSL to assault his former manager! Saint Laurent gathers himself and finds a wrench that he’s about to pop Microman with – however, he’s stopped by Mance Warner who pops him in the face with a jab! Warner makes clear that Microman rides with SGC now and tells MSL to stay clear. MSL relents and is left gathering himself after the assault.

Will an assault be had on Willie Mack September 3? Alex Kane thinks so and he makes it clear he doesn’t respect Mack’s work ethic which is why he dismissed him after his World Title victory. He and Mr. Thomas have some choice words for Mack despite the hot streak Willie has been on. Kane is “On BOMAYE” while Mack is “On buffet!”

It’s main event time

2023 Opera Cup Stage 1
Calvin Tankman vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

The two shake hands and feel one another out. The pace is methodical as this goes on and DBS respects the strength of Tankman. DBS wrenches the arm of Tank. DBS backs off and the two reset.

Tank corners DBS and slugs away at the Bulldog and soon capitalizes on the prone leg of his opponent.

Tank utilizes the stage of the the Melrose Ballroom to deliver a knee breaker to DBS! Tank gets the tunnel vision and solely focuses on that leg, wrapping it around the ring post several times!

Tankman stays poised and focused as he continues to wear down the knee of DBS, but a heel hook frees him and and both men fight to their feet!

DBS soon throws Tank’s equilibrium off with an enziguri and he shifts the momentum back in his favor. He even shows shades of “Uncle Bret” as he nails Tank with a crisp Russian Leg Sweep!

Tank tries to regain control by climbing up top, but it’s to no avail as DBS catches him for a perfect powerslam and a near fall! Davey decided to pay further homage when he climbed up top to hit a diving headbutt much like his late father’s “Dynamite” partner. He then hits a leg drop from up top as well: 1-2-no! 

Heavyweight Hustle soon shows his own strength by lifting himself out of trouble and popping DBS up for a back elbow and then a backlist! Tank is fired up!

However, a pin may have behooved the big man as when he went for a vert suplex, DBS rolled through and cinched in a crossface. Tank is trapped and has no other option but to submit!

WINNER and ADVANCING in The 2023 Opera Cup: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey bows to the crowd before making his way back up the ramp and seeing The Cup. The hunger for acquiring that family heirloom again is clearly in DBS’s eyes. 

Suddenly, the feed cuts and we see Rickey Shane Page. He talks about how it’s been 22 long years for him and now the new World Tag Team Champion has his sights set on Jacob Fatu and his National Openweight Title. None of his family members will be able to help him.

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