Fusion Recap: Opera Cup Contines With Tony Deppen vs. Tracy Williams


The Opera Cup continues tonight with Tony Deppen battling Tracy Williams – who will advance to face Davey Boy Smith Jr. in the finals?

Also tonight, Rickey Shane Page will face Matthew Justice as The Calling continues to clash with SGC. RSP notes that he has a history with Justice and tells him to “buy my ticket, take my ride.”

Hardcore Match
Matthew Justice vs. Rickey Shane Page (with The Calling)

Justice makes sure that RSP buys his ticket as he wastes no time in attacking him and his Calling henchmen. He sets up a very tall ladder on the entryway and takes his own ride by leaping onto his adversaries!

Justice gets RSP in the ring and sets him up for a harsh spear, but oonly gets a two coount.

The two slug it out and RSP gets control with a massive back body drop that he excentuates with a kick to the back! He then later beales Justice across with ring with a standing gordbuster!

Justice finds the fire again with a shoulder block from the top rope and keeps the pace by powering up RSP for a death valley driver before ascending up top once more for a diving splash!

He brings the ladder into the ring and soon climbs it as Philadelphia is going wild for SGC. He leaps off but Rickey rolls. RSP then plants Justice with a Raven Effect DDT and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rickey Shane Page

Post-fight we see the Double Champ Delmi Exo  receiving her flowers for being a two-title holder at MLW Never Say Never. However, someone who takes exception is B3CCA. She is irate, claiming that she’s an international pop star and has more experience worldwide than Delmi does. Suddenly, in comes the latest Open Draft pick in Love, Doug who invaded B3CCA’s live performance at Never Say Never. As Delmi removes herself from the drama, B3CCA makes it clear to Doug to stay clear of her. The squared circle cupid is crestfallen.

Before the Opera Cup takes place, Tracy Williams head is in a good place before he faces Tony Deppen. He hit Deppen hard before, but now he feels bad for him. This match isn’t going to go Deppen’s way.

We catch up with MSL who was the recepient of a beatdown by Mance Warner last week after he backstabbed Microman. Now MSL is all sorts of bandaged up and issues a challenge to any Second Gear Crew member willing to face his draft pick, Matt Cardona at MLW Fury Road on September 3!

Speaking of, the Open Draft continues tonight with the fifth round and it’s none other than Tiara James!

The camera crew catches up with National Openweight Champion Jacob Fatu who makes it clear Rickey Shane Page is barking up the wrong tree if he’s looking to get more gold.

BOMAYE Fight Club Tryout Match
J Boujii vs. Mr. Thomas (with O’Shay Edwards)

The upstart J Boujii from Brooklyn was well-trained by Johnny Rodz, but can he prove his meddle to Mr. Thomas. He starts off swift with a head scissors and keeps that quickness going later on with a stellar hurricanrana off the apron.

Mr. Thomas looks to exert his power but Boujii continues to fight, hitting Thomas with a Pele kick and then vaulting him over with an amazing German Suplex!

However, it’s all arithmetic after Mr. Thomas hits a devastating powerbomb for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mr. Thomas

Despite the loss, Thomas and Edwards are impressed. They say Boujii has that “dawg” in him and call him BOMAYE material! He’s in!

Someone who is not in the BOMAYE Fight Club is Willie Mack as he’ll be facing Alex Kane at Fury Road for his World Heavyweight gold. Mack is a-okay with people doubting him, including Alex Kane. He’s been there before but he’s made himself a worldwide name. Kane will find that out on September 3.

It looks like Matt Cardona will also find out September 3 as Mance Warner has accepted the challenge to face “THE free agent!”

2023 Opera Cup Stage 1

Tony Deppen vs. Tracy Williams

Just like last week with Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Calvin Tankman, Deppen and Williams sure show a chess match to start matters off as the two fighters know one another so well. Both use their talents to greatest abilities as hammerlocks and snapmares are shown.

Williams however, grabs the leg and viciously steps on the ankles of Deppen before stretching out the leg harshly of his opponent. HE gets Deppen for a near fall roll up, but Deppen rolls through.

Deppen leaps off through the ropes for an arm drag, but Williams catches him in an armbar.

Beack from the break, some harsh strikes are exchanged with Williams getting the better of the exchange. Deppen fires back big time with big chops, but Williams hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep. He soon gets Deppen in a ground octopus stretch submission but turns it into a pin attempt.

He soon tries get Deppen up for a bomb, but Deppen escapes and pokes him in the eye. STO trip up and a casual pin does not pay off.

Williams chops away and goes for a suplex, but Deppen blocks and wrenches the arm down. Deppen takes the time to recover.

Later on Williams manages to lock Deppen in with a deep crossface, but Deppen crawls to the ropes for a break.

The two duke it out as Williams nails a death valley driver for a close fall but he turns it into a STF! He barely makes the rope once more!

Deppen shoves Willaims into the corner, Williams gets up top and leaps off, but Deppen catches him with a leaping knee! More knees by Deppen and then gives him a top rope double stomp for the close W!

WIlliams manages to turn the momentum with a massive lariat: 1-2-no!

Williams aims for a piledriver but Deppen blocks. He gets him with an arm drag and counters a sleeper with a jackknife pin. Plenty of pin attempts are exchanged. However, William pops Deppen with his patented piledriver and it’s all over.

WINNER and ADVANCING to the Opera Cup Finals: Tracy Williams

Post-fight, Williams offers a hand of respect, but Tony flips him the bird and leaves. The finals are set! It’s Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Tracy Williams!

Backstage we see Alex Kane. He lets the people know that he’ll be ready for Willie Mack on September 3 but in the meantime he need s a little international competition. Who could he be referring to?

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