Fusion Recap: Jacob Fatu Feels The Wrath Of The Calling


A big announcement is forthcoming on Fusion this evening but the card is stacked as well as Philly plays host to not only a scramble match, but a main event fight between Jacob Fatu and Akira. Fatu has been seeking retribution for The Calling’s brutal attack on Lance Anoa’i and he will have that opportunity tonight. Lance and Juicy will get their own type of retribution too as they compete in a three way tag that includes The Calling’s Delirious and a henchman!

#1 Contendership Match
The Calling vs. Samoan SWAT Team vs. Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matt Justice)

The bell sounds and The Calling bail. They run to the back and SST follow. SGC waste not time as Manders flips Justice on top of SST! Back in the ring, Justice and Manders double spear Lance down before The Calling run in and try to steal a pin! Lance is isolated by The Calling as the two men hit repeated sentons. Delirious follows that up with a neckbreaker and the henchman hits a rope walk senton.

However, SST charge in and down both fighters. Lance then returns the favor to SGC by leaping on both men. The henchman leaps onto Juicy, but that’s a bad idea as Juicy nails him with a Toko Driver! Lance hits the Polynesian Plunge and they almost get the win, but Delirious breaks it up. Delirious is next to get annihilated by SST and we get a confrontation in the ring between SGC and SST! They begin to duke it out as we head to break!

Back from it, we see Delrious headbutt a leaping Justice from up top. Delirious climbs up but Manders grabs him for a super Hawkeye Slam and Justice leaps off with a splash: 1-2-3!

We get an unfortunate update on the state of Delmi Exo after the guitar attack from B3CCA.  The double champ is on the injured list for two to three weeks.

We see a preview for the upcoming Nolo Kitano who wil be in the scramble match tonight.

The BIG announcement is here as MLW connects with New Japan Pro-Wrestling for September 3 at Fury Road in Philadelphia!

The partnership kicks off in a big way as KUSHIDA will take on Tony Deppen!

Scramble Match
Love, Doug vs. Nolo Kitano vs. O’Shay Edwards vs. Ken Broadway vs. Willie Mack

The fighters initially set their sights on Edwards, but the BOMAYE brawler fends everyone off except Willie Mack who does a leaping senton to the outside on him!

Love, Doug and Nolo go at one another and Doug gets a near fall but Ken Broadway breaks it up. Doug grabs Broadway by the hand and he gets a boot from Broadway! In comes O’Shay and lariats both of them down after Doug twists the fingers of KB. O’Shay then catches Broadway and hoists him up for a massive stalling suplex.

The tide shifts when Broadway and Nolo team up to kick Edwards down, but in comes Doug and Mack to take them out. Edwards shoves Mack into Doug which sends Doug sailing. The big men grapple it out before the others once more set their sights on on O’Shay.He hits a big powerslam to Broadway as Doug and Nolo have to break it up.

Nolo and Doug put Edwards up on top and in comes Willie Mack to powerbomb them all down!
Broad delivers a modified flatliner to Nolo and Willie catches him at just the right time with a splash. 1-2-3!

WINNER: Willie Mack

Post-match, Mack gets on the mic and makes clear it’s “The Summer Of The Mack” and nobody is going to stop him, certainly not Alex Kane.

It’s main event time.

Akira vs. Jacob Fatu

Before the fight begins, Akira comes out and sits down in the ring. Some of Philly is actually on Akira’s side. He says his body is hardcore like this ECW Arena. He disparages Fatu and says Jacob was given everything because of who he was born to. He said he isn’t afraid to put a knee to the back of Fatu’s head again. Fatu also walks out with a mic in hand and gets Philly on his side. He says what the hell gives him the right? Fatu says he can really fight and he will dogwalk his bitch ass. Down comes Atlas Security to restore order as Fatu knocks them off. Akira leaps off with a chair from the top and the brawl breaks out! Fatu sends Akira into the guardrail and the fight goes to commentary. A chair gets thrown before the fight gets into the ring and the bell sounds!

Fatu pops Akira up for the Alley Uce but Akira turns it into a crucifix pin which Jacob kicks out of! Fatu blasts Akira with a savatek kick and in comes the Calling minions as he lays them out. The bell sounds and it’s a DQ win for Fatu.

WINNER via DQ: Jacob Fatu

Fatu dives onto The Calling with a tope, but in comes RSP with a barbed wire bat! He drives it into Fatu’s back and then puts it on his forehead before sending Fatu into the ring post! The Calling make their exit as Fatu is being tended to.

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