Fusion Recap: Salina De La Renta Strikes Back


The Empressaria of Lucha is out for payback, power and gold

MLW Fusion is packed this week as Sam Adonis aims to settle an unsettling score with Microman. Plus, we get the reveal of the main event for Slaughterhouse on October 14 and Alex Kane speaks for the first time since defending his World Heavyweight Championship at Never Say Never. First however, the show kicks off with some Middleweight action!


TJ Crawford vs. Ichiban

TJ isn’t too kind to Ichiban to start off this bout as he trash talks the newcomer before chopping him hard in the throat. Ichiban is quick to strike back from atop before hammering away at Crawford in the corner. A gut shot slows Ichiban down but only briefly as he nails a back body drop and follows up with a swift dropkick! 

Crawford complains to referee about something in his eye before taking advantage and crocheting Ichiban on the top rope! He goes on the attack and tries to suplex Ichiban, but #1 gets free only to get  hit by a modified Michinoku driver. A cocky cover only gets him two!

Ichiban pops Crawford with a stunner and then a handspring elbow. He then nails Crawford with a missile dropkick! A top rope cross body gets him a very near fall!

A harsh gut shot levels Ichiban and soon so does a high roundhouse kick. Ichiban is dazed as TJ sizes him up. More gut shots, but a high knee catches Crawford before Ichiban nails a satellite DDT! Ichiban hits a jumping Flatliner and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Ichiban

After the loss, a hooded figure approaches TJ on the stage and whispers something in his ear before walking off!

SGC is at the bar with Microman and they’re getting him ready for his main event fight tonight against Sam Adonis. Additionally, they give him a few weapon pointers! Mancer, Matt Justice and Manders are fully behind him and promise him some Coronas and some ladies!

Speaking of Adonis, Sam Leterna is with him. Adonis takes a shocking turn by saying he actually respects Microman and that he shouldn’t be hanging with SGC! Adonis calls himself Mexican’s top luchador and he says that he likes Microman. He’s a luchador from Mexico and he deserves respect, but sadly Adonis has to teach him about it.

Love, Doug suddenly enters in the 2300 Arena and he happens to join commentary.


Tiara James vs. B3CCA

Tiara James makes her Major League debut and she’s squaring off against B3CCA who comes to a pop star presentation!

Tiara is quick to show off her grappling skills and gets B3CCA down with a headlock takedown. Tiara rolls through a scissors hold and nails B3CCA with a crossbody. B3CCA connects with a hard kick to the stomach, but Tiara catches her and hits a big gutbuster and follows it up with a senton for two. 

B3CCA flings her down in the corner and then hits a shotgun dropkick from up top! Two count!

B3CCA remains vicious on offense and taunts Tiara before nailing her with a corner boot. A harsh snap suplex gives B3CCA more time to showboat. Tiara rolls her up for a near fall. A big kick by B3CCA puts Tiara in the corner again before she creates some space with several lariats. Tiara James fired up! She then hits an Arn Anderson spinebuster for a two count!

Tiara props B3CCA up top but the pop star fights her off. It sets B3CCA up to hit Tiara with a 450 World Tour for the 1-2-3!


Post match, Doug wants to celebrate with B3CCA but he’s still chasing some dreams.

THIS JUST IN: Don King will be at MLW Fusion next week! What will the backer of BOMAYE have to say?

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s going to be Jacob Fatu vs. Minoru Suzuki – one on one! It’s all set to go down on October 14 in Philadelphia! Tickets can be purchased at MLW2300.com!

Salina De La Renta is back and Sam Leterna catches up with her. Salina mistakes her for Alicia Atout. She may have beem abducted and made some bad decisions, but what happened to Cesar Duran, John Hennigan and Taya Valkyrie? Quite interesting. Salina lets that linger before saying bye to “Alicia.”

Leterna catches up with Jacob Fatu after the break and the Samoan Werewolf is fired up to face Suzuki. He promises to be merciless. Salina walks in and makes it clear to Fatu that he’s got some receipts coming!

It’s main event time, but before that Sam Adonis has to introduce himself to Philadephia.


Sam Adonis vs. Microman

Mister Saint Laurent joins commentary as Microman makes his way to the ring. The bell sounds and Adonis gets on his knees to grapple with his shorter opponent. He shoves Microman not once, but twice before celebrating. Mircoman begins to outwit Adonis and trips him up and El Rudo has to recompose himself. He does so by booting Microman down HARD.

Back from break, Adonis is in control and tries unmask Microman but thankfully the official stops him. Microman fires away at Adonis but he gets knocked down and Adonis chops away at him. He grabs a chair, sets it up and props Microman on it before punching him down. However, Microman boots him and hits him with a facebuster! Microman then goes for a Micro Vader Bomb but he misses! Adonis sets up a chair in the opposite corner, but Microman hits a headscissor takeover! He covers but Snisky comes in and pulls out the referee! The bell rings and the match ends in DQ!

WINNER via DQ: Microman

MSL gets on the mic and demands Snisky to end Microman! He wants Snisky to finish the job from last week and implores him to punt him. Thankfully, just like last week SGC comes out for the save! Adonis gets downed and Microman hits a top rope splash as Mancer counts the unofficial pinfall! SGC celebrates with Microman over a few light beers!

Press conference time: Alex Kane says potential challengers keep backing out, including Tom Lawlor who hasn’t been checking his emails. Enters MSL who says Davey Boy Smith Jr. deserves a shot at him after winning the 2023 Opera Cup. Kane dismisses MSL but isn’t against choking DBS out once more

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