Fusion Recap: The Calling Clash With SGC In A Tables Match For World Tag Team Titles


In the main event of this week’s MLW Fusion, Rickey Shane Page and Akira will have to defend their World Tag Titles against 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice.

MLW Fusion starts with a message from The Calling to Second Gear Crew as Rickey Shane Page and Akira will have to defend their World Tag Titles against 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice. However, before that happens, we got Mance Warner looking to set the tone for the evening. 

But first, we head to WTF headquarters as we see MSL. He has big plans for his promotion and he says it starts with Matt Cardona getting a World Title shot at Alex Kane at MLW One-Shot in NYC! That’s if the Deathmatch King can survive his Loser Leaves MLW match against Mance Warner at Fightland on November 18!

Talon vs. Mance Warner

Talon is quick to go on the attack, but Mancer is soon to regulate with a little flip, flop and fly with his jacket still on. The Bucksnort Brawler lowers a knee pad and connects to the noggin of the gas masked goon. 1-2-3

WINNER: Mance Warner

Tony Deppen has been suspended due to his heinous attack on Kevin Blackwood, but the Dirty Ass Bastard opened his trap on social media and the league has decided to EXTEND his suspension. Time will tell when we see a return!

While he may be a snake oil salesman, MSL aims to take care of his WTF clients, specifically his number one contender, Matt Cardona. Cardona was greeted in the 2300 Arena parking lot with some brand new wheels! Cardona is elated and gives his new ride a smooch.

Alex Kane has some words for Jacob Fatu ahead of Fightland. He acknowledges that Fatu is known as the baddest man on the planet before he stepped foot in MLW, but that is going to change. One of the BOMAYE Fight Club members runs in to tell Kane something and both rush off for some reason.

MLW production has some more found footage of The Calling, who sends another warning that they plan to make an example of SGC tonight.

Back at WTF Headquarters, the returning Tom Lawlor sits at the desk of MSL who praises the diverse talent of the Filthy One, saying that he’s perfect to lead the way of WTF and a hostile takeover of MLW!

On tap tonight, Jacob Fatu was scheduled to fight Mr. Thomas but Thomas has been laid out in the parking lot, but the attacker is nowhere to be found. No wonder Kane was concerned!

Speaking of Fatu, The Samoan Werewolf is asked about his mindset heading into Fightland by Sam Leterna. Fatu keeps a casual tone, but he’s clearly always ready for a fight. In comes MSL who literally offers Fatu a “hot dog and a handshake” but is excited for the prospect that Cardona could potentially face Fatu at One-Shot instead of Kane. He then leaves for photoshoot with Cardona and his new car. That gets Fatu thinking.

Before that we do see an interview by Leterna with Cardona. No matter who he faces, he fully plans on becoming World Champion at One-Shot.

Brett Ryan Gosselin vs J Boujii (with O’Shay Edwards)

Gosselin makes his MLW debut and J Boujii has his first singles fight as a member of the BOMAYE Fight Club. Boujii is swift at eluding and attacking, but Gosselin makes an effort to slow the place down with several sleeper hold attempts. There is also a moment where BRG nails some harsh running elbows in the corner. However, Boujii avoids a sleeper attempt and nails a big German suplex to Gosselin. Boujii soon fights Gosselin on the apron and looks for a pin attempt with a sunset flip, but BRG sits down, grabs the ropes and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Brett Ryan Gosselin

Tiara James is seen walking outside of the 2300 Arena when Love, Doug pops out of a tent thinking that she’s B3CCA. It rightfully startles James who slaps Doug for doing so. She’s not the only one as Minoru Suzuki walks by to slap Doug as well!

Salina de la Renta praises her work for last week’s Fusion as the program got high ratings! Next week, she reveals fans will see Janai Kai, the World Featherweight Champion in action!

We see Alex Kane on the search for Thomas’ attack when an MLW crew member comes in saying that he has intel on it being Fatu. That prompts Kane to run off and a camera from afar catches that very crew member exchanging something with MSL!

Next week, Don King will speak on the World Title match ahead of Fightland!

We see Kane did catch up with Fatu as the two are being pulled apart! Another BOMAYE Fight Club member runs in to show them both footage! The attacker clearly wasn’t Fatu and Kane makes his leave for his own retribution!

It’s main event time.

MLW World Tag Team Championship
Tables Match
SGC vs. The Calling ©

As SGC enter, goons from The Calling attack the two from behind! As Justice and Manders try to defend themselves Akira comes flying in with a death from above to send everyone toppling!

As the fight wages on, chairs get involved and Akira takes a moment to choke Manders with one.

The fight does get into the ring and Justice ends up regulating with some solid chair shots, both on Akira and RSP. 

The first falls literally occur on the apron as Manders tosses RSP from the top to the outside and the table!


Right after that happens, Akira charges in and sends Manders also sailing to the outside and through a table leaning against the guardrail.

ELIMINATED: 1 Called Manders

It’s down to Justice and Akira as two tables are still standing side-by-side in the ring. Justice is looking to either DVD or Samoan Drop Akira through the wood, but Akira contorts himself around Justice for an Octopus stretch. Justice just leaps back, sending both through the tables in the ring. The ref looks clueless at what to do before notifying Mike DeAngelis that they both went through the table at the same time.


Her comes of the rest of The Calling to take over the ring, but thankfully the equalizer Mance Warner runs down and clears house!

Mance gets on the mic and is ready to embrace violence. So is Justice and Manders who want to hand those tag belts above the ring and have the two groups fight over them!

Back in the parking lot, we see a distraught Matt Cardona not only see his car is missing but sees Alex Kane! Suddenly who drives by but Fatu in Matt’s new wheels!

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