Shun Skywalker

Shun Skywalker
Shun Skywalker

Height: 5’11″
 199 lbs.
Hometown: Toki City, Japan
Signature Moves: SSW, Skywalker Moonsault

Representing DRAGONGATE and the infamous Z-Brats, Shun Skywalker is a former Open The Dream Gate Champion. Heralded as arguably the best wrestler in Japan, if not in the entire sport itself, Skywalker is perhaps in a league of his own.

A cunning fighter, Skywalker was once a popular wrestler in DRAGONGATE only to crave more and perhaps in the process embrace his inner dark heart. 

Since then, the delusional fighter has caused havoc for his former teammates in the Masquerade faction. 

In 2022, Shun Skywalker won the World Middleweight Championship at the MLW Super Series.