Lawlor-Hager Feud Reaches Boiling Point Friday

What started off as a rivalry earlier this year has escalated into a blood feud. Team Filthy and its namesake “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Col. Robert Parker’s Stud Stable has become very, very personal. And this months-long battle will reach its conclusion Friday night on MLW: FUSION.

Lawlor will battle with Jake Hager to finally settle the score.

With Lawlor and Hager both having MMA and professional wrestling credentials, the two alpha males were bound to compete when Hager arrived in MLW. Earlier in the summer, there were matches between Team Filthy and the Stud Stable. There was backstage jawing. There was even an incident with Col. Parker’s hat (see below).

But the feud became intensely personal and dangerous over the past few weeks. Lawlor challenged Hager and the Stud Stable to face them at the Jungle MMA dojo in Orlando, where Lawlor trains with friend and coach Seth Petruzelli. The Stud Stable accepted the challenge. But it was an elaborate setup, which left Petruzelli lying in a pool of blood and Lawlor fuming.

When Hager and the rest of the Stud Stable finally showed up at the Jungle MMA dojo, it wasn’t Hager who accepted the challenge. Instead, Col. Parker put Parrow in the cage with Lawlor. While Parrow held his own for a few minutes, eventually Lawlor tapped him out.

But all that match really served to do was give The Dirty Blondes time to isolate Petruzelli and assault him, leaving him laying in the back as Lawlor scrambled out of the cage to come to the aid of his friend and coach (see video below).

Meanwhile, Lawlor vowed to end it when he faces off with Hager tomorrow night.

“No more of this!” Lawlor said. “Ever since I stepped foot into MLW, there’s been one thing I’ve wanted more than anything and that’s the title shot that has so far eluded me. But for the last few months, all I see in front of me is Col. Parker, Jake Hager, the Dirty Blondes, the Stud Stable, Parrow … all of them. I’m sick and damn tired of it. I want Jake Hager … and Col. Parker you’re going to find out what the recipe for disaster is.”

Tune in to MLW: FUSION Friday night at 8 p.m. ET on beIN Sports to see this monumental matchup between Lawlor and Hager! If you miss this matchup Friday night, don’t forget you can watch MLW: FUSION on our YouTube Channel. Each week’s episode is uploaded and available free every Saturday night at 6:05 p.m. ET.


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The Team Filthy-Stud Stable blood feud and more specifically the “Filthy” Tom Lawlor-Jake Hager situation came to a head Friday night on MLW: FUSION. Lawlor threatened to send Col. Robert Parker’s lead horse to “the glue factory” last week and on Friday night’s show he followed through, taking down Hager […]