Fusion Recap – Nov. 23, 2018


This week on a special 2-hour MLW FUSION, the first hour included matchups that originally aired on YouTube last week, including a Chicago Street Fight between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Sami Callihan, as well as a shocking turn of events from Simon Gotch. Click the link to get all the details on the first hour of this week’s special.

In the second hour, the World Heavyweight Championship was successfully defended by Low Ki, who fended off the challenge of Shane “Swerve” Strickland, who was looking to get his mojo back after dropping the title to Low Ki over the summer.

We also heard from Salina de la Renta and Simon Gotch regarding the shocking turn of events last week when Gotch turned on his then-Team Filthy teammate “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, setting him up for a beating at the hands of Promociones Dorado.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Low Ki defeated Shane “Swerve” Strickland
Shane “Swerve” Strickland held the World Heavyweight Championship from May through July, before falling to current champion Low Ki in somewhat controversial fashion. The loss really sapped Strickland of his momentum, but he finally activated his rematch clause and faced off with Low Ki in Chicago.

Looking to regain glory, Strickland held the early advantage. He nailed Low Ki with a massive discus clothesline and then went to work on the champion’s midsection and back. However, Low Ki took control when he reversed a suplex and then moved the action moved to the outside of the ring.

But Strickland regained control, and perhaps should have won the match. He hit the Swerve Stomp, but the official was injured from a collision with Low Ki moments before. Strickland tried to bring the official over to count the pinfall, but couldn’t. Finally, another official ran in and made the count, after Strickland had the champion covered for what seemed like an eternity. But the delay in getting the new official out allowed Low Ki to kick out at the last second.


Promociones Dorado’s Sicario Ricky Martinez distracted the official shortly thereafter. Low Ki took advantage. Similar to when he tried to rip off Daga’s ear, Low Ki grabbed Strickland’s by the hair and mercilessly tossed Swerve around like a rag doll, ripping out handfuls of hair. Strickland was momentarily stunned by the pain and blatant rule-breaking, giving Low Ki an opportunity for the cover and the three count to retain the World Championship.



Strickland took the mic after the match, berating MLW, the company’s CEO Court Bauer and even the fans. He was so beside himself he seemed to be threatening to leave the company. But his microphone cut off mid-sentence.

What is Strickland’s future in MLW? How does Low Ki move on to the challenge of Konnan coming out of retirement to try to take his title next month in Miami? Stay with us on MLW FUSION in the coming weeks for more answers to these questions.

Salina Slides Cash to Simon
As MLW FUSION came on the air, Salina de la Renta was backstage with a cameraman. In confirmation of what everyone already suspected, de la Renta and Promciones Dorado were behind Simon Gotch’s despicable turn on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Gotch received a briefcase full of cash for his dirty work.


But, even more perplexing was his assertion that he would take Lawlor out in Miami for free after de la Renta offered him double to do just that. Was there something looming below the surface in the Team Filthy camp all along? Why would Gotch accept a payoff to set Lawlor up for a beatdown from Promociones Dorado but then turn down the offer of payment to take him out?

League officials didn’t take long to sign the match. It has been added to the Dec. 13 MLW Never Say Never event in Miami.

Lawlor will address the situation on next week’s show.

Kotto Brazil defeated Trey Miguel
World Middleweight Champion Maxwell J. Friedman joined commentary, as Kotto Brazil and Trey Miguel squared off. MJF admitted he was there to scout the competition, as Brazil will be part of the 4-way ladder match at MLW Zero Hour for the World Middleweight title.

In an incredible display of athleticism, both Brazil and Miguel laid it all out there looking to move up the middleweight rankings. At one point late in the match, Miguel hit a meteora and scored a two-count. He followed that up with an innovative springboard cutter off the bottom rope as Brazil was on his knees following the meteora, but once again Kotto managed to kick out.

With MJF clearly rooting for Miguel and concerned about his World Middleweight Championship with Brazil in the ladder match, Brazil’s resiliency remained on display. Miguel went for a cutter off the top rope, but Kotto was able to maintain his footing on the turnbuckle. Brazil took advantage, hitting his sliced bread maneuver called By Any Means to score the pinfall.


Kotto’s motto is Kotto Can … can he take the World Middleweight title off MJF? Find out in Miami on Dec. 14.

Pillman, Hart Disrespect Dreamer
The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer often wears yellow polka dots to the ring in honor of the late, great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Now, Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart are taking exception to that practice.

The duo appeared on this week’s show, with Pillman calling Dreamer a has-been who is pretending to be his favorite wrestler. Hart followed by saying Dreamer will be a “stepping stone” for Pillman. WIll Pillman and the Hart Foundation continue trying to build themselves up by taking down another of the sport’s legends? Find out next week when Pillman and Dreamer go one-on-one on MLW FUSION.

Gringo Loco vs. Marko Stunt
The debuting Gringo Loco matched up with Mr. Fun Size Marko Stunt. Gringo Loco was clearly not taking the match seriously, dropping to his knees to mock Stunt’s height at the beginning of the match. But Loco quickly learned not to underestimate Mr. Fun Size, as Stunt used Loco’s weight and momentum against him for some solid offense to open the bout.

Stunt had a ton of momentum after hitting a top turnbuckle hurricanrana all the way to the floor. But as Stunt went back to the top, Loco managed to knock him off balance and take over. A standing moonsault and a top rope moonsault from Loco ended in near falls. That was the last offense Gringo Loco would mount, however. Stunt once again used his quickness, along with utilizing his opponent’s size and weight against him. As Loco went to set up Stunt for an overhead maneuver, Mr. Fun Size was able to reverse it and counter with a version of the Code Breaker to pick up the victory in singles action.


Miami Matches
More matches have been announced for our December sojourn to South Florida!

As mentioned above, on Dec. 13 at MLW Never Say Never, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will square off with Simon Gotch in a No Holds Barred contest. The World Tag Team Championship will be on the line when the Lucha Bros. Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. face off with the Hart Foundation. Also announced this week, LA Park vs. PCO in a Falls Count Anywhere contest. High-flying sensation Andrew Everett has been added to the card, as well. In addition, MJF will face off with the leader of Los Ingobernables, Rush. Shane “Swerve” Strickland will face off with Rich Swann.

On Dec. 14 at MLW Zero Hour, Lawlor wants revenge not only on Gotch, but on Promociones Dorado. He will challenge LA Park in the first step toward retribution vs. Salina’s crew. On last week’s show, we learned Konnan would come out of retirement to face off the World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki. Also previously announced, the World Middleweight Championship will be contested in a 4-way ladder match. The champion MJF will put his title on the line against Kotto Brazil, Jason Cade and a mystery entrant.

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