Teddy Hart suffers concussion; on injured list


The league’s medical team completed a battery of tests this morning and has determined that Teddy Hart suffered a concussion and will be placed on the injured list for a minimum of two weeks.

Hart’s concussion didn’t come during in-ring competition but at the hands of the Dynasty and a bottle of champagne.

Moments after successfully defending the World Middleweight Championship on Friday’s Battle Riot broadcast, Hart was being interviewed ringside by Kacie Lennox when controversy struck.

Sitting in the front row and heckling Hart throughout the title bout while sipping champagne, the Dynasty’s Alex Hammerstone, MJF and Richard Holliday began mouthing off at Hart interrupting his post match interview. Soon thereafter, insults were exchanged as tempers flared as MJF smashed a near full champagne bottle into the back of the head of Hart.

Hart would end up going to the hospital where he stayed overnight for observation after experiencing issues with his vision. Local authorities were also called but the Hart Foundation elected to not press charges; instead insisting on a match in the ring against the new trio known as the Dynasty.

The league wasn’t happy with the situation and is expected to hit all three members of the Dynasty with fines.

Hart will be examined again in two weeks and could be cleared to compete at that time if he can pass all neurological tests.

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