FUSION RECAP: New York City Street Fight Unsettles Salina de la Renta


This week of Fusion included a thrilling meeting of the middleweight minds and had Salina de la Renta adhering to Konnan’s first demand by having a New City Street Fight between two of her top talents in the main event.

But first, “Ol’ Mancer got a little sponsorship deal” as Mance Warner reintroduced the chainsaw to the wild New York City crowd. Warner is long from finished being a thorn in Salina’s side as the first Promociones tree he aimed to mow down was Ricky Martinez.

Mance Warner defeated Ricky Martinez

Salina started off this bout off by announcing her Sicario for his match-up against Mance. Martinez has had a lot to prove to Salina since he’s been in hot water after suffering some losses so he was sure to take advantage when the Bruiser from Bucksnort entered the ring. Martinez seized the opportunity to crotch Warner on the middle rope. Martinez continued his assault, but Mance showed his gusto by wanting more from his opponent. Martinez attempted to deliver on such, but all that was put to a stop when Ricky got planted with a headbutt coming off the top rope. After that, it was as simple as sipping some light beers for Warner as he gave Ricky high knee and big lariat for the 1-2-3.

And sip light beers did Mancer do post-match. Such actions didn’t sit well with Salina who slapped the Southern Psycho across the chin before spitting in his face. Mance went to shower her with beer suds, but the one to catch the spray was Martinez, who was left leering after the loss.

We get a new episode of “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Dynastic” and it’s strictly Richard Holliday. Basking in the view of his Las Vegas penthouse, Holliday ran down the tour he and his Dynasty brothers have been on (with their gold in tow), but it doesn’t take long until he is interrupted by a female friend.

An injury update on Savio Vega: his return to the ring is unknown after Alex Hammerstone nearly crippled the Caribbean World Champ. Hammerstone delivered a modified Night Terror Pendulum in the main event of last week to successfully defend his Openweight Title, but League officials are going to look further in the legality of the move.

We also received a major health update from Marshall Von Erich himself, who was blinded two weeks ago by CONTRA’s newest member, Ikuro Kwon. Marshall’s vision is still impaired from the mist, but he still has his sights set on September 7 in Dallas. He promised fans that he’d be ready to take on CONTRA in the War Chamber Match. Marshall isn’t coming alone however as he dropped some big news on the MLW fanbase: “I’m bringing the General, Kevin Von Erich.”

The MLW camera crew caught up with Salina de la Renta so Rich Bocchini could follow up on Ricky Martinez’s status with Promociones Dorado. Salina wasn’t interested in sharing, but nor was Konnan who stepped in to let Salina know he still has her phone. Konnan doubled down on Salina’s chagrin by stating she won’t get it back until she meets his three demands.

The latest episode of H2 TV had Brian Pillman Jr. still having hold of Alex Hammerstone’s jacket. Teddy Hart thought it looked like the perfect litterbox for his cats, but Brian took the liberty to relieve himself on The Openweight Champ’s signature swag.

Austin Aries defeated Ace Austin

Aries and Ace started this Middleweight match feeling one another out before Austin initiated the first lock-up. “The Ace From Atlantic City” used a forearm to free himself and the two hit the reset button.

It continued to be a war of wherewithal until the seasoned Aries caught Ace by ringing his bell. Ace managed to re-calibrate and hit Aries with a flipping neckbreaker to send Aries to the outside.

Things began to get a bit more grittier between the two as Ace stomped away on Aries and really emphasized that point with one solid forearm shiver before hitting a leg drop. This was only good enough for two.

Ace continued his attack by trapping Aries in a tree of woe and pulled back on the chin of Aries, but Austin kicked himself free and nailed Ace with one finely timed discus forearm. A neckbreaker off the rope sent Ace ringside which allowed Aries to slingshot himself onto his foe with a suicide dive.

Ace soon began to see the deck stacked in Aries favor and tried some slight of hand. Ace’s retractable bow staff caught referee Doug Markham’s attention and allowed him to cheap shot Aries for a roll-up, but that was still only good enough for the two count.

Ace’s aggression ended up getting the better of him when he charged full force at Aries who quickly picked him up for the brainbuster and the decisive middleweight win.

After the victory, Austin Aries had a simple statement to make regarding the Middleweight Division “Teddy Hart, you got the target on your waist and I’m coming for it.”

“Criminals!” Is what Alex Hammerstone had to say about the Hart Foundation before Aria Blake walked in with his recently defiled custom leather jacket. The jacket nor the situation smelled right to any of the three members who ended the camera crew interaction very quickly.

MLW will be getting some extra intrigue as the League has formed a partnership Martial Arts Research Systems. The two companies are coming together to launch an innovation lab that is designed to further athlete development and injury prevention. In addition to bout analysis and athlete evaluations, MARS will also provide MLW’s TV with analytics to further viewer experience.

LA Park defeated Jimmy Havoc in a New York City Street Fight

An unsettled Salina sat in observation as she watched her two stars square off against one another. Park started off with a hat tip to his “Chairman” roots by hitting Havoc across the back with some cold hard steel. Park took another swing, but Havoc was quick to counter with a couple arm drags. Havoc literally struck back with a few chairshots of his own before bringing out his own weaponry, including his signature staple gun.

The chairshots continued on LA Park. Havoc attempted to get creative with a board on the outside but that was stopped with an airborne trash can. The two began trading blows as the action got back inside the squared circle.

Havoc bulldogged “The Destroyer” on top of the board but it was only good for two. Park used his brute power to his advantage and booted Havoc down on the ground. He really put the boots to Havoc further when he launched himself into the board which splintered on Jimmy’s face in the corner.

LA Park went really high risk when he placed Jimmy on another board on the outside. Park went to foot stomp Havoc off the top rope through the board, but Jimmy rolled out of harm’s way that sent Park through the board instead. This tilted the match back in Havoc’s favor as he quickly went to his staple gun to pierce the mask and lower midsection of the 2019 Battle Riot winner.

Park however turned the chairs on Havoc by powerslamming him through three that Jimmy had set up earlier. This allowed Park to hit Havoc with a corkscrew moonsault and sent Jimmy’s head bouncing off the previously broken board. Park stayed with the momentum and seized the opportunity to spear his Promociones pal through the chairs and ending the chaos for the pinfall win.

Salina stepped in the ring in hopes to reclaim comradery between her two clients. After some hesitation, LA Park shook the hand of Havoc. Salina settled back into being self-assured as she stated that nobody can stop her including Konnan, Mance Warner and even the MLW World Champion. Her speech soon was capped off with the chainsaw of Mance Warner who showed up to clear the ring of Promociones Dorado as we ran out of time.

Plenty of moving parts going around as Salina still wants her presence known at the top of the MLW food chain, but having her share of outlawish adversaries this battle of supremacy continues on!

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