Hammerstone readies for bodybuilding competition


Hammerstone determined to remain the master of Muscle Mountain

Alex Hammerstone has officially set a date for what he’s calling the “first annual Hammerstone Bodybuilding Invitational”. 

Per a press release, the event, which will be held at Muscle Mountain out in Arizona, will be “open to the strongest, most jacked physical specimens in the world.”

The National Openweight Champion has entered into deep training as he readies to dominate the competition. Hammerheads, Hammerstone’s growing fanbase, have been demanding info on attending the event.

Meanwhile, we can confirm that the legendary Ronnie Coleman and Gary Strydom will be in attendance as guest judges.

The event will take place the first week of August and MLW.com can confirm the league is negotiating with Hammerstone to film the competition.

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