MLW attempts to topple CONTRA

MLW attempts to retake control from CONTRA

Late last night MLW and its security team attempted to retake the league’s headquarters and put an end to CONTRA Unit’s hostile takeover.

While details remain sketchy, can confirm that the efforts came up short, with CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad stomping out the security team and hopes of restoring normalcy.

On May 9th, CONTRA Unit stormed MLW’s headquarters in New York while simultaneously striking at the closing ceremonies of the AAA/MLW Super Series in Tijuana. The end result: devastation. Several MLW wrestlers were injured while MLW lost control of key aspects of its operations.

While some of theorized it will take the entire league including its wrestlers uniting to topple the international cabal’s occupation of MLW, the league remains undeterred in ending CONTRA’s reign of terror.

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