Underground Recap: Awesome Challenges Kojima For The World Title


Tonight, Major League Wrestling has Mike Awesome going against Satoshi Kojima for the World Title and Awesome starts the program off by vowing that he’s going to come out victorious!

But first, Jerry Lynn walks out with Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel grabs the mic. He hates to disappoint Fort Lauderdale, but their services are no longer needed when it comes to their support. Daniels says he’s learned the gospel of The Fallen Angel. He introduces “The Evil F’n Show” Jerry Lynn.

Jerry says he doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Where were they when he was kicking RVD’s ass? He says it just goes to show what brainwashed corporate mutants they all are. He says Paul London isn’t even here tonight come face him because of a lame excuse like his father’s in the hospital. Jerry says he missed his brother’s wedding and his father’s quadruple bypass because of wrestling. Heck, he was in Japan when his daughter was born. So therefore, he challenges anybody in the back to come out and face him. Who answers but Kid Romeo, making his MLW debut.

Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Romeo

Jerry doesn’t even let Romeo take in the crowd as he attacks the youngster from behind. Romeo however, finds his stride and dropkicks Jerry down sending him to the outside to recuperate. We cut to break.

Back from it, Jerry has Romeo in a headlock center ring. He gets to his feet to elbow free, but a knee to the midsection sends him down for a two count. Front chancery choke by Lynn. Romeo fights free for a roll up. Two count. Enziguri that sends Jerry down. Hard counter clothesline followed by a knee lift, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. He punctuates it with a modified bulldog for two!

Jerry however, catches Kid with a TKO for a two. Jerry looks for a cradle piledriver, but Romeo plants him down.

He’s got Jerry out cold, but referee John Finnegan is distracted by Daniels. This allows Lynn to execute his crade piledriver and the swayed veteran gets his first MLW victory.

WINNER: Jerry Lynn

Backstage we see Homicide. At Rise of The Renegades he’s ready for anybody in MLW and issues an open challenge to the roster. “This renegade is gonna f*ck you up!”

The Extreme Horsemen are backstage as Mike Awesome walks by the trio. They say they have major confidence in Awesome. Corino then shamelessly makes his pitch as being the number one contender for the belt once Mike wins it. Awesome is all but aggravated by the intrusion as he’s missing a phone call due to Corino’s plea, but says he can have a shot anytime, he just wants him the hell out of his dressing room.

Raven is confronted by CM Punk. Just because he hasn’t beaten Raven in the past doesn’t mean he’s going to go away. Him and the extreme legend are gonna go at it one more time. He tells Raven to keep running. CM Punk walks off as Raven says that Straight Edge Punk will feel the effects of The Raven Effect. Who mysteriously lingers in the back taking it all in, but Simply Luscious.

Flattery isn’t gonna get Los Maximos anywhere with the Samoan Island Tribe because the bottom line is the brothers messed with the wrong team one too many times.

Back to the Extreme Horsemen as they see an individual who knows Kojima. Corino leads the person to the champ and he tells the man to tell Kojima that he wants a shot at the title once Kojima wins (Corino sure his covering all his bases). Kojima agrees as Corino shoves the useless translator out of the picture.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Mike Awesome vs. Satoshi Kojima

Streamers are thrown into the ring as Kojima steps foot into the canvas. Styles notes that Awesome is not impressed with the pomp and circumstance. Instead, Awesome presents Kojima with a distasteful gesture as the champ takes a noble bow.

Bell rings and the two go face to face. They shove one another back and forth. Both men go to shoulder block one another but on three separate times, both men stand their ground. Hard shots to the chest by both men. Awesome sends Kojima to the ropes and goes to boot him, but Kojima shoulder blocks the big man out of the ring!

Satoshi dives on top of Mike but doesn’t it all. Kojima, however, doesn’t let up and back body drops him over the barricade. Awesome shows his extreme endurance and sends the champ crashing into the barricade.

A brief break in the action presents Awesome with a steel chair in the center of the ring who takes liberty with it on the champion.

A second charge to the corner by Awesome finds himself down on the canvas after Kojima boots the chair right into Mike’s mush. It’s Kojima’s turn to to deliver chair shots! He disposes the weapon out of the ring to get back to the intense chest chops. A forearm in the corner crashes Awesome down, allowing Kojima to hit a beautiful top rope elbow drop. Two count!

Both men are back on their feet. Hard shots by the two continue. Kojima catches Mike with a release German suplex! He nails Awesome with a Koji-cutter neckbreaker, but yet again, only gets a two. Kojima goes for a running elbow, but Kojima gets caught in a Awesome Bomb! 1-2-no! Awesome climbs up top and hits his patented big man body splash, but the resilient champion still musters up the power to kick out!

Mike goes back to the well once more, but Kojima scales up to superplex Awesome down. Two count! Shining wizard by Satoshi and a quick kickout by the challenger. Satoshi goes for the lariat but Awesome hot shots him on the top rope, allowing him to hit a running Awesome Bomb. Somehow Kojima kicks out! A frustrated Awesome rolls to the outside and pulls out a table. Could Tatochi suffer the same fate as Masato Tanaka? Awesomes aims for that to happen as he sets the table up in the ring. Awesome goes to lift up Kojima but John Finnegan gets nailed with the legs of Kojima during the lift-off. This gives Satoshi just enough time to wriggle free and nail Awesome with his Lariato!

Awesome is out but so is the ref. No pinfall can be administered! The champion tries to get Finnegan to come to but it allows Awesome to get to his feet. He tries to battle with Mike, but Awesome turns it into a spear and then an Awesome Bomb through the table for the win!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Champion: Mike Awesome

Post-match, Awesome celebrates with the belt and takes in the Fort Lauderdale crowd. Big “Awesome” chants echo throughout the War Memorial, but here comes Steve Corino with mic in hand.

Awesome stands looking on as The King of Old School gets into the ring. Once again, history is made in the Sunshine State. On behalf of everybody Corino congratulates Awesome on becoming champion. Corino reminds Mike that he’s the number one contender to that belt and runs down a list of names who he defeated to earn that shot. Awesome promised him that he would be the first challenger and that he promised him that he could have it any time. He thinks that World Title shot should be right now and cheap shots the champion!

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Corino vs. Mike Awesome (c)

Corino immediately goes on the assault as he sends Mike to the outside and smashing into the barricade before smacking him with a steel chair. Corino brings a table into the mix next. Awesome however launches Corino over the guardrail and turns the tide in his favor as we cut to break!

Back from break it looks like this match is official as John Finnegan is back in the ring to witness Awesome coming down with a steel chair from up top to pop Corino across the noggin! Two count!

Corino sidesteps the champ and gives him some hard shots to the face. Awesome returns the favor by dropping Steve on his with a release German!

Awesome brings his own table in the ring and sets it up in the corner. He clotheslines Corino down and goes to Awesome bomb him through the wood. A low blow by Corino frees him from Mike’s manpower, but Awesome does manage to send him crashing hard through the table!

Awesome isn’t done with exacting vengeance as he goes to inflict more pain, Simond Diamond and CW Anderson come out to assault the title holder, giving Corino just enough time to superkick Mike down long enough for the 1-2-3. New champ via unjust means!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Champion: Steve Corino

After the match, Corino grabs the mic to say it’s reality. “Tonight begins the rise of the renegades and it’s led by The Extreme Horsemen!” shouts Corino as their music hits. All three men now control all the gold in MLW!

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