Underground Recap: CM Punk Aims To Even The Score Against Raven


Last week saw the MLW debut of Mikey Whipwreck and although the original extremist suffered the defeat at the hands of Sabu, Mikey made a few friends.

As Sabu was exiting the War Memorial in Fort Lauderdale, he was attacked from behind by Whipwreck and Jerry Lynn, slamming his head repeatedly into a car door. Before the duo took off like thieves in the night, a Sinister Minister riding shotgun said “an eye for an eye, asshole!”

Michael Shane (with Francine) vs. Homicide

Michael Shane, the nephew of Shawn Michaels, looks ever confident with Francine at his side, but Homicide is pacing like a starved lion let out of his cage. The two circle one another before the two begin to go at it. Homicide gets the better with a drop toe hold, but Shane bails into the arms of Francine. He collects himself and shoulder thrusts Homicide before getting back in. Homicide however, keeps the pedal to the medal, punctuated his attack with some double knees in the corner before going to break.

Back from it, both men are down on the mat. Homicide first gets to his feet and back body drops Shane. Dropkick followed up by a superplex attempt. Shane shoves him off and he leaps off, only to receive a field goal kick right through the uprights. T-Bone suplex. Two count. A fan yells to Homicide to go for the Cop Killer and he obliges. He covers to get the win, but Francine pulls his leg!

Homicide follows Francine around and gets back in the ring to receive a flat-liner for a near fall. Shane then hits a pop up powerbomb for another close fall/ Sweet Chin Music attempt, but Homicide turns it into a STF. Francine gets on the apron to distract Michael Keenan as Shane clearly submits. Homicide steps in and Shane goes for a roll up. Kick out. A boot by Homicide, two count. Bodyslam and Homicide climbs up top. Francine interferes once more and Homicide slams her repeatedly into Shane for her transgressions. He picks Francine up, but Michael Shane gives him a Sweet Chin Music. He covers, but somehow Homicide kicks out. Michael Shane goes for the Cop Killer, but Homicide rolls him for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Homicide

The Sinister Minister believes that Mikey Whipwreck has never gotten a fair shake in the world of wrestling, but things will be different in MLW. He plans to create a legion of lost souls to turn the league on its ear. He asks if anyone knows what its like for his friends to abandon him for fame and fortune. Two people they are familiar with are Bill Alfonso and Sabu. Sabu’s body is broken and he’s addicted to the adulation low life wrestling fans. It’s time for Mikey Whipwreck to sober him up with his own brand of “detox.”

Joey Styles reveals that if Sandman and Dr. Death can each defeat Simon Diamond and CW Anderson, then and only then will the two get a shot at their Global Crown Tag Teams Titles. Meanwhile, Paul London is seeking to be a part of the MLW roster and issued a Young Lion’s Challenge against Jerry Lynn, but London had a family emergency. Jerry took the stage to run down London’s choice to “run” from him.

Styles then talks about that “legion of lost souls” the Sinister Minister is assembling and questions what their intentions may be. He wants to get the recently attacked Sabu’s thoughts on the matter who is in the building with Bill Alfonso. On July 26 they have revenge on their minds.

Somewhere else, Sandman and Dr. Death share the same sentiment as the kick the door down to The Extreme Horsemen’s dressing room for a surprise attack on the trio.

CM Punk vs. Raven

The Straight Edge Elitist saunters out first to taunt the fans in Fort Lauderdale with his “holier than thou attitude.” Raven is ready to “Come Out & Play” however and it sends CM Punk to assess his opponent from a ringside perspective. Who comes out to ringside but Simply Luscious as it’s unclear of her true intentions. Punk gets on the mic and introduces himself to the fans officially with great degradation. Tonight he proves he’s better than each and every one of them and now he’s going to do the same thing to that degenerate Raven who has lived a life of uncleanliness. Raven is all but impressed and tosses Punk to the outside. Later on, Raven drop toe holds Punk flush onto a steel chair.

He wedges the chair in the corner, but Punk low blows Raven. He follows up with a knee to the skull and covers. Only a two count for Punk who grabs the chair to smash it into Raven with another running knee. Still, Raven kicks out.

Raven then out of nowhere downs Punk hard with the Evenflow DDT. He covers, but Michael Shane runs out and breaks up the pin attempt.

The gives Punk the window to give Raven his own version of the Evenflow DDT and then gets the win.


Post-match, Shane and Punk double-team Raven, using the chair against the vet. Two drop toe-holds onto the chair has Raven reeling. Who comes out, but Norman Smiley! Smiley who has had his share of run-ins with Michael Shane and he gets on the mic to challenges both both Shane and Punk to a tag team match. Raven is game.

Steve Corino is standing backstage with the World Championship in his hands. He promised The Extreme Horsemen would rule over MLW and everything he’s said, he’s delivered on. He plans to defend the title all across the world against anybody. He hasn’t forgotten about Terry Funk. Corino has three world titles to his name, Terry only has two. He tells Funk to bring all he’s got because the Horsemen aren’t letting go of the gold in MLW.

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