Underground: Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide


•Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide
•The Sandman vs. Simon Diamond

This week, the Underground is highlighted by “The Evil F’N Show” Jerry Lynn issuing an open challenge to any young lion in MLW willing to step up and face him. 

With “Sinister Minister” James Mitchell by his side and a newfound “evil” edge motivating him, Jerry Lynn looks to make a big statement and continue his ascent up the MLW rankings. But could such a plan backfire? Is this open challenge just as easily a chance for some young hungry upstart to secure quite possibly one of the biggest wins of their career? 

The second match in the MLW Global Tag Crown Challenge sees “The Hardcore Icon” The Sandman fight Simon Diamond. Can the legendary brawler from Philly withstand The Extreme Horsemen’s numbers and mind games to finally secure a title shot for himself and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams?

The vendetta between Da Hit Squad and The Samoan Island Tribe heats up.

Plus: updates on MLW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino, CM Punk, Mikey Whipwreck, Sabu, and more!

Joey Styles calls the action! 

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