Col. Parker and Aria Blake ready for new Stud Stable

Col. Parker and his debutante Aria Blake are fixing to unleash a new Stud Stable

Southern promoter Colonel Parker is making moves. So much so he insisted send a reporter to cover Belle Isle, his 250 acre estate in Tennessee.

Greeted by his butler and escorted to the library by Parker’s debutante Aria Blake, the walls are filled with photos of the Colonel’s past signees, including: Steve Austin, Terry Funk, Haku, Dick Slater, Sid Vicious, Cactus Jack, Dutch Mantell and countless other main eventers and legends.

Chomping on a cigar while fanning himself with a white handkerchief given to him by Elvis Presley in 1975, Colonel Parker finds himself in deep talks with his latest recruit as we enter his “war room” of sorts.

After the call ends, Aria hops on Parker’s lap as she kisses her “Big Daddy” and settles him down for a socially distanced conversation with

The southern blowhard wastes no time in barking about his plans to present a new Stud Stable in MLW. The Stud Stable, which dates back to the early 1980s, certainly has featured a who’s who in the sport.

Parker explains how leagues such as MLW have always required a pipeline to “magnificent quality talent,” which he surmises makes his affiliation with MLW all the more critical as the league restarts.

While coy about who will fill out the new Stud Stable beyond the Dirty Blondes, Parker explains how his enterprises are growing. As such, he has empowered his “gorgeous young friend” Aria Blake to handle the day-to-day managerial duties of the athletes he’s signing while he works on the game plan for battles and deals with the league on dollars and deals.

We questioned the merits of Parker’s self-described “debutante” Aria Blake getting so involved with his business, which he quickly dismisses. “Y’all think this is a one man outfit, well it ain’t!”

Aria calms down her “Big Daddy” and reminds her they have their daily jump rope session in a few moments. The Colonel lights up with excitement as he dabs the handkerchief across his sweaty face. Aria then snaps that the interview is over.

Promptly escorted out of the estate, is left with more questions than answers as to what is on the horizon for Colonel Parker and his Stud Stable — and most importantly WHO?

Tune in to MLW FUSION each Wednesday as Aria Blake and the Colonel’s vision for a new Stud Stable comes more clear.

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