2021 Open Draft | Final Round Results


The seventh and final round of the MLW Open Draft has come (presented by www.supershowthegame.com) and it ends with another new arrival that has to have Cesar Duran grinning from ear to ear.

Alicia Atout MC’ed the final round festivities as The Interview Queen revealed that the following members of the league roster will be returning to action:

  • Jordan Oliver
  • Kit “Rip Van Erich” Osbourne

It’s not long before that countdown clock begins to tick down for the final time to reveal the latest star stepping foot onto league canvas – it’s Matt Cross!

Cross first made him Major League Wrestling debut in 2004, but now he’ll be signed under the watchful eye of Cesar Duran and “El Jefe’s” Azteca Underground. Cross and Duran certainly have a very storied past with one another and you better believe that the two will be making the most of their relationship as the league officials ready for the sold out Battle Riot III in Philadelphia!

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Matt Cross returns to MLW

The final round of the Open Draft proved to be noteworthy with Matt Cross being revealed as the newest member of the MLW roster. Cross, signed by Azteca Underground, continues Cesar Duran’s string of power moves, dating back to Azteca acquiring IWA Puerto Rico earlier this year. League officials have confirmed Cross will […]