Davey Richards On His ‘Organic’ Decision To Join MLW

Davey Richards

After a near four-year sabbatical from the squared circle, Davey Richards is lacing up the wrestling boots once more and he chose no better place to display his craft but in Major League Wrestling.

Richards will immediately aim for the top as he participates in 40-wrestler Battle Riot III event in which the winner earns a World Heavyweight Title shot against Jacob Fatu. The event will be simulcasted nationwide on BeIn Sports and stream exclusively on MLW’s YouTube Channel this Saturday and the American Wolf talked with Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone about his anticipated return.

“I was very lucky and very fortunate when I announced I was going to be coming back to wrestling. A few of the bigger companies reached out and they were all good offers, respectable offers, everything,” but Davey had good reason why he chose Major League Wrestling as his hunting grounds.

“MLW seemed really organic, seemed like a really good fit for lack of a better term, felt very comfortable. It’s no secret I’ve always viewed wrestling as a sport. I’ve never been into the realy silly characters and stuff, to each their own, but again, that’s my own so it’s good to be with a company that thinks along the same lines so we’re on the same level I think, so it felt very organic.”

Something that MLW has always exceeded in having a diverse range of fighting styles and Richards talks about bring his own background into MLW’s “fusion” fold.

“I’ve always been a technical wrestler. I’ve liked a lot of mat stuff and a lot of strikes,” he said. “I trained in ju-jitsu and kickboxing too and of course I amateur wrestled seems like since I could walk so that’s always going to be my main influences coming into wrestling.”

It’s not just the variety styles that intrigue Davey, but the sizes of potential opponents.

“There’s a lot of really talented big men like Jacob Fatu, Alex Hammerstone – those are big guys, but you wouldn’t think the way they wrestle cause they’re as agile as cruiserweights, but they’re big dudes, they’re legit heavyweights.

“That’s the thing about MLW,” Davey continued, “There’s really no two wrestlers alike cause Hammerstone wrestles nothing like Fatu, Fatu wrestles nothing like me, I wrestle nothing like TJP so it’s very eclectic,” he added. Who else is he looking forward to potentially mixing it up with in the league?

“In addition to the ones I just mentioned I mean there’s a lot of really great talent there like Tom Lawlor. We wrested before and it’s always just a challenge and that’s what I love. Matt Cross just signed so that would be great.

“The cool thing is everyone is going to prove themselves against anyone. So like there’s no people who are kind of like, ‘I just want to be in this division, I just want to face this guy or I just want to go for that belt.'”

Catch the first glimpse of Davey Richards this Saturday at 10 PM EST on MLW’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/majorleaguewrestling.  

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