Stream AZTECA: Pagano vs. Vega, Aerostar vs. Alex Kane and more

Chapter 2 of the limited mini series is now available to stream worldwide

Major League Wrestling returns tonight at 8pm ET with the MLW AZTECA mini-series, featuring two world title matches and a hardcore brawl, and streaming worldwide for free on MLW’s YouTube channel, Fite.TV and Saturday on beIN Sports. 

  • Hardcore Match: Pagano vs. Savio Vega
  • National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (C) vs. Aerostar
  • World Tag Team Championship: 5150 (C) vs. Destiny and Skalibur

Witness the violence and unpredictability of Cesar Duran’s underground fight club on this edition of the limited mini-series MLW AZTECA.

Pagano goes to war with Puerto Rico’s legendary brawling boricua Savio Vega in a violent hardcore match at the Espada underground fight club!

Furious at Savio’s recent public rebuke of El Jefe following the disappearance of Alex Hammerstone, Cesar Duran has dispatched the man who blindsided Hammer last week to spill blood with The Pride of Puerto Rico!

In an effort to add intrigue to chaos, Cesar has also stipulated that if Savio wins, he’ll regain control of IWA Puerto Rico!

Can Savio Vega pick up a monumental moral victory in the name of the missing World Heavyweight Champion and finally regain control of his company in the process, or will he be AZTECA’s latest sacrifice courtesy of The Juarez Hellraiser? Tune in and find out!

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: Where is Alex Hammerstone?? Emilio Sparks is on the scene as Richard Holliday and the members of the MLW roster search for answers on the whereabouts of the World Heavyweight Champion following last week’s alleged kidnapping at the hands of Cesar Duran!

The Leader of The Bomaye Fight Club rumbles with lucha libre’s finest as Alex Kane goes one on one with Aerostar for the National Openweight Championship!

5150 put the World Tag Team Championship on the line against Cesar Duran’s handpicked team of Destiny and Skalibur!

Plus MLW takes an all access inside look at “The Judge” EJ Nduka.

Real 1 breaks his silence following his unprovoked attack on KC Navarro last month.

Mads Krugger accepts an offer he can’t refuse?

PLUS: 2021 Opera Cup winner Davey Richards is in the house! What does the future hold for The American Wolf? Tune in and find out!

Join Rich Bocchini, Joe Dombrowski, and broadcast journalist Alicia Atout as MLW presents AZTECA!

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