Fusion Recap: EJ Nduka Challenges 5150 For Tag Gold With A Mystery Partnner


We waste no time this week on MLW Fusion (presented by http://www.newlawoffice.com) as we have multi-man action to fire off the show!

Microman, Octagon Jr, and Puma King vs. Arez, Gino Medina and Mini Abismo Negro (with Dr. Dax)

Puma King and Arez start the fight off as both fighters elude one another’s attacks. The two eventually meet an athletic stalemate.

Gino goes up against Octagon Jr who takes Medina out with a headscissors. It’s not long before Microman shows why he’s pound for pound mighty! His hot streak only gets thwarted by three of his adversaries.

He gets elbows dropped on him as his partners are reaching for the tag. Charlotte is cheering for him before Puma King gets the tag. Those three then gang up on him.

Octogan is the next person to get ganged up on. They try a triple team, but Microman makes the save. Gino ruthlessly stomps him in the corner with the help of Dr. Dax.

The momentum doesn’t change until Octagon gets some offense going. Arez is the victim of a Microman facebuster! Microman then literally uses his face to crotch corner Gino! MAN went head first to the floor and Microman dives on top of him!

Back from break, the king of Strange Style drops Octogan on top of Puma King, but Microman evens the odds as he outwits Arez. He hits a micro Vader Bomb for a near fall but it’s Gino who stops him!

Puma King enters the fold and hits a slingshot facebuster for a near fall!

Octagon hits a springboard meteora which soon sets Octagon up to hit a super flipping powerslam!

The fight continues on as team Microman take it it to Strange Sangre & Gino, including a springboard Asai moonsault. This leaves Microman to nail an impressive spinning headscissor to wrap up man for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Microman, Octagon Jr, and Puma King

Post-match, Microman gets isolated as Microman gets booted by Dr. Dax. Microman shows his resliency and takes out all three competitors with a “little” offense.

BOMAYE! Alex Kane makes it clear that the National Openweight Champ is still here.

The Mortons are still partying down with the Von Erichs, but Marshall makes clear they have business to settle with 5150.

Emilio Sparks tries to catch who EJ Nduka’s partner is, but it’s EJ who catches Emilio. “Hey, turbo, you gots to go.”

Ikuro Kwon vs. “Cash Flow” Ken Broadway

Broadway makes his MLW debut against the former CONTRA Member. Kwon comes out with major intensity and doesn’t waste a moment to get started, but a diving shoulder tackle downs Kwon. He springboard moonsaults on top of Ikuro for a near fall. A savate kick takes place against Kwon, but it’s Ikuro who comes back with kicks of his own. A slingblade followed by a neckbreaker downs Broadway for a near fall.

A modified running powerslam downs Kwon for a close one soon after. Broadway goes for a high risk manuever, but it doesn’t pay off. Kwon nails his Scalp Peeler kick for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Ikuro Kwon

Post-match Kwon makes it certain that he’s not the one who turned his back on CONTRA. Jacob Fatu did. CONTRA made the Samoan Werewolf. Without him, he’s a Samoan P***. That prompt Fatu to attack Kwon and the brawl goes backstage until Mads Krugger gets involved. Security tries to break up the chaos!

We see Cesar Duran on the phone as the Von Erichs barge into his office to demand their tag team title shot. Duran says it’s EJ Nduka who has his shot, but how about they face their friends the Mortons next week?

Enter Richard Holliday. He and Alicia Atout are upset about not having security. “Get your house in order, or I will.”

We get more in-depth with Hammerstone. He says how well he’s been treated at MLW and he wants fans to think Hammerstone when they think of Major League Wrestling.

We see Arez with Aramis’ mask in mouth. Duran enters and hands him a bag of coinage, but has it be known that sacrifices must be made to become the next great luchador.

World Tag Team Championship
5150 (c) vs. EJ Nduka & ???

Danny Limelight Rivera run down the trailer trash of North Carolina and notes that Michael Jordan isn’t from there – he’s from Brooklyn. Slice Boogie co-signs on that and so does Dr. Julius Smokes.

EJ Nduka comes out, but we soon become aware that he’s not flying solo. His partner? Calvin Tankman!

5150 sure don’t look pleased. The bell sounds and Nduka sends both Boogie and Rivera down! Rivera kicks at The Judge but he puts Rivera down with a back body drop. Judge hits him with a massive shoulder tackle! He and Tank deliver running shoulder thrusts in the corner. The only thing that saves Rivera is a distraction from Boogie on the apron. Rivers soon nails double knees onto Tank from up top for a two count.

After a brief commercial break, Tank is being ganged up on by both champs. Tank is just that however as he trades chops with Boogie. Tankman gets the better of it and nails Slice with hard palm strike. Boogie nails a reverse DDT for another near fall! “Tankman” chants ring through Charlotte but 5150 continues to distract the offical and it helps keep Calvin isolated. Rivera connects with a vaulting dropkick to down the Judge on the apron.

Rivera charges at Tank, but he gets popped up for a signature Calvin back elbow. Nduka gets the tag and he levels Boogie before nailing big spinebuster on Rivera!

Rivera soon sees an opportunity to dive onto Tankman, but Tankman makes sure he it’s Slice Boogie instead. This causes hesitation for Rivera to gets back in the ring. Nduka catches him for some stampedes in the corner. He slams Rivera down, Tankman comes in with his running shooting star press. 1-2-3! New Champs!

WINNERS and NEW World Tag Team Champions: EJ Nduka & Calvin Tankman

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