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  • World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (champion) vs. Cesar Duran
  • Trios Action: Microman, Aerostar and El Dragon vs. Arez, TJP and Mini Abismo Negro
  • Davey Richards vs. Danny Rivera 

Cesar Duran promises “violent consequences” for the World Heavyweight Champion in a main event that promises to be unpredictable and controversial. 

Following the infamous physical altercation at a recent press conference, “El Jefe” will step into the ring with Alex Hammerstone for the World Heavyweight Championship this week on Fusion!

Will Your Boy Hammer send a thunderbolt through the ruthless heart of lucha promoter and MLW matchmaker Cesar Duran? Or will the scheming Cesar have an ace up his sleeve and win the World Heavyweight Championship in his in-ring debut?

Stop the press! Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout have confirmed they will be in the house! What dirty tricks could The Clout Couple have in store for the mighty Hammerstone?

“The American Wolf” Davey Richards is back in competition as he fights 5150’s Danny “Limelight” Rivera.

The end of Micromania? The stakes have never been higher for Microman as “The World’s Greatest Wonder” as Cesar Duran puts his career in jeopardy tonight in trios competition. 

Mads Krugger and King Muertes make a deal with the devil that could spell the demise of one of MLW’s greats.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich stake their claim for gold after their Texas sized victory over 5150 last week.

Join Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski as MLW presents Fusion.

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