Microman Finds Himself In Trios Action With Lince Dorado


Tag gold is on the mind of The Samoan SWAT Team and that’s very much expressed to kick off this week’s Fusion. Juicy Finau gets on the mic to let Philly know that him and Lance Anoa’i  have been eating good, but they want those World Tag Team Titles from Hustle & Power. That’s not what they get but instead they get a name very familiar with Philly in Little Guido. Maritato walks out with his protege Ray Jaz. He wants to make clear The FBI has the same goal in mind, but Fine levels Gudio and the fight is on.

Samoan SWAT Team vs. The FBI

Ray Jaz is a bonafide wrestler and shows that off against Lance. He and Guido hits a double team elbow on Lance and covers, but it’s only good for two.

They still manage to isolate Lance, but it isn’t for long until the massive Finau gets the tag. He levels both before hoisting them both up for a double Samoan Drop. It sets up Lance up to hit his Uso Splash for the 1-2-3!


February 7 it’s going to be Titan vs. Titan and EJ Nduka is ready to be the last man standing against Hammerstone on February 7 on Reelz. He says he came to MLW on blood, sweat and effort. He is as advertised. He says there ain’t no more talking. He is The Judge, he is the jury and he’ll be World Champion.

We cut to Davey Boy Smith Jr. as he showsThe Billington Bulldogs some technical submission tactics. He makes it clear they’re coming for the BOMAYE Fight Club.

Vinny Pacifico  vs. Dr. Dax

The mad doctor is off his leash and the bell sounds as he forcefully shoves the smaller Pacifico down with ease. Pacifico gets some strikes in but Vinny gets tossed in the corner before being nailed with a lariat.

Dax follows that up with splash in center of the ring, but no cover is made.

Pacifico finds a window and utilizes his speed in the corner, but unfortunately for him, Dax launches him with a high-end Saito suplex and covers: 1-2-3.


We see Taya Valkyrie  as she relishes in her win against Trish Adora from last week. She notes that some “very special” is coming to MLW.

There’s been a series of attacks with a mysterious calling card left behind and the League has to feel great unease as the attacker remains unknown.

We cut to Hammerstone who has a response for Nduka. He says if he took half the time he worked on his in-ring skill rather than his catchphrases. He decides to “judge” the Judge. He said he couldn’t cut it on the football field, he couldn’t cut it in bodybuilding and now on February 7 Hammerstone will prove he can’t cut it in the wrestling ring.

Next up, it’s Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas. Kane says people aren’t chanting “Bulldogs” but “BOMAYE” is for the people. Nobody cool has come from United Kingdom in 50 years, but “BOMAYE” is here to broaden their base!

Next up we see one of Cesar Duran’s latest clients in Sam Adonis. For 15 years he’s been up and down every highway and now he’s in MLW. He’s spent most of his time south of border beating every luchador and now he’s with Lucha Azteca. He says Major League Wrestling will be Major League Lucha Libre.

It’s main event time.

Delirious, Mini Abismo Negro & Azteca #31 (with Cesar Duran) vs. La Estrella, Lince Dorado & Microman

Delirious and La Estrella start it off. The two get contentious and Delirious pie faces Estrella who frustrates him even more with his elusiveness . The veteran gets knocked to the outside before Azteca 31 gets the tag and Lince square off. Lince catches him with a headlock takedown and then hits a springboard armdrag.  He hits a headscissor takeover and we cut to break, but we just get right back to when Microman gets the tag.

MAN gets in and stomps away at Microman, but he hits an arm drag and a head scissor takeover. His partners hit stereo tope suicidas.

Microman may have the same plans but Delirious disrupts it.  Delirious holds Microman for 31’s attack, but Microman fights his way free. Dorado and Estrella hit stereo cross bodies!

However, tensions flare up as Delirious shoves Lince into La Estrella who takes exception and leaves Lince and Microman high and dry! 

Delirious presses on against Dorado who finds himself at three-on-one odds and el rudos use it to their advantage!

Lince gets pulled to his enemies’ corner as the trio keeps him down on their side of the ring. However, that all changes as Lince takes out all three!

Microman arm drags the heck out of MAN before hitting a spinning head scissors! Microman nails 31 with a dropkick and then Microman hits a DDT!

Lince  helps Microman up top and hits a plancha to the floor! That sets Lince up to hit a shooting star press and the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Lince Dorado & Microman

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