Underground Recap: Lince Dorado Defends Middleweight Gold Against Delirious


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The ninth episode of “MLW Underground” starts by Real1 talking some heavy trash to start the show after his devastating loss to Microman, but that all gets thwarted by Mance Warner and the Second Gear Crew as they stand tall with the mighty “Micro 1” himself!

We get right down to business with a hardcore match between the undefeated Rickey Shane Page against The 1 Called Manders!

Hardcore Match
1 Called Manders vs. Rickey Shane Page (with The Calling)

RSP starts immediately right off by attacking Manders before the lights in the 2300 Arena are restored but the cowboy pulls a page out of Arn Anderson with a fakeout DDT! That prompts Manders to pull out plenty of plunder from underneath the ring.

RSP battles back and it’s much to Raven’s delight who is at ringside with Akira as the bloodlust is in full force. RSP bodyslams Manders on a steel chair before he channels The Calling leader by hitting a drop toe hold to Manders on that steel chair which has to make Raven grin even more!

Manders fights on even further before he reveals a bag full of thumb tacks!

Manders makes the most of that reveal by hitting him hard down with a spine buster onto the thumbtacks!

He is quick to follow up his offense with a big bodyslam through an extra ring board in the corner!

The brutality carries on with cowbells and blood before RSP finds a window to to hit a frog splash on top of Manders who is laid out on the thumbtacks!

It’s not long before a table is introduced whom Manders unfortunately finds himself underneath. RSP leaps off with a seton through the table while Manders lays underneath. RSP covers and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Rickey Shane Page

Post-fight, The Calling seeks to continue the extreme assault, but the cowboy fights back as SGC continue to wage war with The Calling before War Chamber this weekend in New York City!

DRAGONGATE Twin Gate Championship
FBI vs. Natural Vibes (c)

The FBI are going to get a culture shock as Kay and Big Boss Shimizu musically make their way to the ring, but the champs get a bit of a reality check from Little Guido and his godson Ray Jaz!

The duo hit a crisp double team elbow drop as they show their tag team chemistry.

Big Boss turns the tide with an emphatic shoulder tackle to Jaz and Guido.

The fight flows on but that all comes to a halt with a Big Boss chokeslam and splash from Kzy as Natural Vibes retains with a hard fought victory, pinning Jaz.

WINNER and STILL DRAGONGATE Twin Champions: Natural Vibes

If you think we were finished with The Calling this week, think again as Raven has a few words for fans, making it known that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

We cut to Sam Leterna who is in front of the lottery roller to determine when the BOMAYE Fight Club will enter Battle Riot V on April 8 in Philly. Alex Kane pulls out his number and doesn’t exactly look enthused by his pick while Mr. Thomas remains stoic in his selection. Either way, BOMAYE will have a numbers advantage!

It’s main event time as Lince Dorado readies himself to defend his World Middleweight Title against the seasoned veteran in Delirious. However, before that, Lio Rush comes out to state his piece before sitting ringside for a title he’s held for so long.

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Delirious vs. Lince Dorado

Dorado may be known for his speed, but shows his pure strength when methodically laying Delirious down for a vertical suplex.

Delirious shows his veteran savvy by catching Dorado on the apron and utilizing the hard edge to drop the champ down with a belly-to-back suplex!

Delirious takes a moment to admire the gold he could potentially win before climbing back into the ring and up top. He leaps off but wastes too much time and Dorado scouts it, catching him with a savage kick. Dorado goes to lift Delirious up but his back gives out and the vet takes advatange by catching him with a harsh backbreaker! He continues to wear down the champion by locking him in a surfboard stretch which leads him to leaping off top with a Snuka splash to the back of Dorado! Delirious rolls him over but doesn’t do a full pin and Dorado somehow manages to get a shoulder up

Back from a break, Dorado hits a hurricanrana for a near fall. Delirious fires harsh shots, buy Dorado turns the tide with a handspring stunner. Another near fall. Dorado shotgun dropkicks Delirious out of the ring and then hits a high crossbody to the outside onto his foe!

Back in the ring, Dorado continues to show his strength when he catches Delirious in the corner and lays him out with a powerbomb! Dorado gets up high and nails just a beautiful shooting star splash for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Lince Dorado

Post-fight, Lio Rush steps onto the canvas with Dorado’s Middleweight gold as the two men exchange words which seems respectful until Lio Rush hits his own springboard stunner to lay out the champ! He then walks off with Dorado’s title!

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