Fusion Recap: Jacob Fatu Challenges John Hennigan For Openweight Title


Jacob Fatu has a lot on his mind after being attacked by The Calling. Their surprise ambush put him on the shelf for weeks, but he’s now healed up and is ready to take on John Hennigan for th Openweight Title tonight!

MLW World Tag Team Championship
The Mane Event vs. The FBI vs. The Samoan Swat Team (c)

Fusion fires off in a major way as the fans in NYC get to witness SST’s first ever title defense. However, it’s against not one but two teams in the division.

Several of the challengers wanted to isolate the massive Juicy Finau but he was having none of that!

Even though they tend to fly under the radar at times, FBI really showed up for this fight as Little Guido and his godson Ray Jaz showed some synergy in taking out Jay Lyon and Midas Black in an exchange that was exclaimed by a double team elbow.

The fight did eventual spill to the outside with some diving attempts to the outside, but that tactic didn’t work well for everybody! Guido in particular!

Their was a massive miscommunication on the part of Guido who made an attempt to pin everyone in the ring that had their back on the mat, but it just so happened Jaz was one of them.

However, there’s a reason why the champs are the champs and Juicy caught Lyon for a Samoan Drop and it set him up perfectly for the Polynesian Plunger from Anoa’i! 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL MLW World Tag Team Champions: SST

The feed cuts to The Calling as Akira makes clear the way of Raven is the way to progress. Are they playing mind games with Jacob Fatu tonight?

Microman literally has a massive task ahead of him as he’s set to face the returning Beastman, but MSL has other matters on his mind – royalties! He makes sure a league official knows that any checks for his client go directly to him!

One thing that Taya Valkyrie is directly without is the World Featherweight Title. The camera crew caught footage of La Were Located sulking in the back after her loss, and demanded privacy after losing to a “nobody” like Delmi Exo.

Valkyrie isn’t the only Azteca Lucha member to suffer a loss after last week. It’s reported that the league has fined both Sam Adonis and Hennigan $2,500 each after their heinous attack on Mance Warner.

Speaking of, we see Mance in the stairwell and he is not happy. They tried to choke him out, and Mancer isn’t about that and he makes clear to Adonis that he wants him in a leather strap match and drag him to death’s door. That’s going to be next week!

Beastman (with Kim Chee) vs. Microman (with MSL)

This does not begin well for Microman, who despite the size difference goes for the legs of the big man. Beastman swats him away and the hoists him up high above his head before squashing Microman down hard with a Beastman slam. 

He’s not done as he ascends up top, aiming to make Microman a part of the canvas. Thankfully, Microman moves and Beastman misses. Micro happens to see Kim Chee’s cane in the middle of the ring and grabs it. As the referee is aiming to restore order, Microman hits Beastman right between the legs with it, charges the monster and hits a head scissors DDT. He covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER: Microman

Post-match MSL steps in to celebrate, and he’s gotta be happy that all that purse money will be going to him first.

We cut to John Hennigan and Sam Adonis. The champ is stretching on a NYC rooftop. Adonis is pleased with his actions while Hennigan makes clear that Fatu is out of his mind if he thinks he’s gonna unseat Johnny Openweight. Adonis lets his partner know that he won’t be far behind as he’ll be at the commentary booth.

An Opera Cup update: the tournament starts off this July and one person joining the 2023 version is the 2019 winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. One person who won’t be in the tournament is Alex Kane. BOMAYE is banned after he stole the Opera Cup last year.

An update from the Never Say Never Control center as it’s confirmed – Delmi Exo will face wXw Women’s Champion Ava Everett in a title vs. title match!

We cut to Kane who is unhappy he is “banned” from this year’s “Oprah Cup.” He says a conspiracy is against him, but he’s gonna give back to the people with the “Big Apple Grapple.” He invites Hammerstone to be at ringside for it.

MLW Openweight Championship
Jacob Fatu vs. John Hennigan (c) (with Taya Valkyrie)

The mood changes when Fatu enters the room and he looks all ready to claim the hardware around Hennigan’s waist, but the deck may be stacked against him. It doesn’t take Taya long to play a factor as she gets in the ring and takes the action to the outside.

However, that tactic doesn’t play into Hennigan’s favor as Fatu is right in his element.

Back in the ring, Hennigan gets some offense going against The Samoan Werewolf, but you cannot keep him down.

Fatu eventually has Hennigan on his back and hits a moonsault. He follows that up with his handspring attack and that gets him a close victory. Sam Adonis is nervous as all get it. Hennigan hits a Moonlight Drive: two count. Hennigan hopes to hits the Moonlight Drive, but Fatu moves. Adonis gets off commentary in order to distract and it works as Taya nails him with with John’s gold. A school boy by Hennigan just gets him to two!

Delmi Exo comes out and Mance Warner attacks Adonis at commentary. The odds look even as Fatu hits a moonsault, but Taya grabs his leg to save her husband. She flees from Exo, but Finau catches her at the pass and carries her off.

Taya did her job though as Hennigan has Fatu down. He hits the Starship Pain, but Fatu kicks out. NYC is amped up from the action! Hennigan goes into a flurry of offense but Fatu splashes him in the corner. He catches him with a thrust kick and pops John up for an Alley Use! Samoan Moonsault and it’s all over! New champ!

WINNER and NEW National Openweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

Post-victory, Fatu is thankful for NYC and makes clear he’s ready to celebrate and he’s got good reason to because all of SST has gold in MLW!

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