Team Filthy’s Chief Strategist

As the feud between Team Filthy and the Stud Stable – specifically between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Jake Hager – intensifies, fight strategy could be the difference.

“Filthy” Tom may be the namesake of Team Filthy, but it’s Seth Petruzelli who is the chief strategist and head coach for Lawlor, Simon Gotch and Fred Yehi.

Lawlor trains out of the Jungle MMA gym in Orlando, owned by Petruzelli. The two quickly developed a solid friendship when they began training together a few years ago. In addition to tactical advice, Petruzelli has become a mentor to Lawlor and the rest of Team Filthy.

In fact, Lawlor looks up to Petruzelli like a big brother.

“Seth is the sometimes unseen guiding force behind Team Filthy,” Lawlor said. “I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments in Major League Wrestling. I’ve been No. 1 in the MLW Top 10 for the last three months and won Battle Riot. But I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Seth.”

A retired mixed martial artist, kickboxer and professional wrestler, Petruzelli knows what it takes to attain victory, no matter the combat sport. He is considered a fight guru, even if the ever-humble Petruzelli isn’t 100 percent comfortable with that recognition.

“I don’t know about guru,” Petruzelli said. “I just really enjoy working and training with Tom and Team Filthy. I’ve always enjoyed the mental aspect of combat sports. Training some of the best in the world is an honor. I’m just happy if they feel I’ve provided them with some insight or an advantage when they get in the ring.”

Petruzelli once knocked out Kimbo Slice on national television, ending the legendary street fighter’s impressive run as a pro fighter. Now, Petruzelli is looking to help Lawlor and Team Filthy put an end to their battle with Hager and Col. Robert Parker’s Stud Stable.

After last week’s challenge from Lawlor (see the video above), the Stud Stable has agreed to meet Team Filthy at the Jungle MMA Gym in Orlando for a battle on the home turf of Lawlor and Petruzelli this week.

Will Lawlor finally get his hands on Hager once again? Will Petruzelli’s guidance help to have Lawlor’s hand raised in victory? Will Hager and the Stud Stable hold the upper hand?

Tune in Friday night at 8 p.m. ET on beIN Sports to find out.


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