Fusion Recap – August 24, 2018


This week’s episode of MLW: FUSION saw the feud between Team Filthy and the Stud Stable intensify. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor called out Col. Robert Parker and Jake Hager, while Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi and Simon Gotch scored a victory over the Dirty Blondes. Plus, the World Tag Team Championship was on the line as the Lucha Bros. – Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix – successfully defended against ACH and Rich Swann.

Lawlor Calls Out Stud Stable
In addition to tonight’s tag team match between Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi and Dirty Blondes, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor had a message for Parker and the “stud” of his Stud Stable. After last week’s attack by the Dirty Blondes on Team Filthy trainer Seth Petruzelli.

“It makes me sick thinking about what you did to one of my best friends,” Lawlor said in a video posted to Twitter and aired on MLW: FUSION. “Jake Hager, I’ve had it. I’m done with the Stud Stable. I’m going to take you out. Col. Parker, your big money, stud horse, he’s going to the glue factory as soon as I get my hands on him.”

Hager responded to MLW cameras.

“That blood (from Petruzelli) is on your hands,” Hager said. “You remember that, next time you see us.”

Later in the show, it was announced that League officials heard Lawlor’s pleas for a shot at Hager and they granted it. The main event on next week’s MLW: FUSION could see the feud between the Stud Stable and Team Filthy reach a tipping point as Lawlor and Hager will lock up one-on-one!


Fred Yehi/Simon Gotch (Team Filthy) defeated the Dirty Blondes (Stud Stable)
Meanwhile, Team Filthy got a little bit of retribution on this week’s episode, defeating the Dirty Blondes.

Yehi and Gotch had the upper hand early on, but the Dirty Blondes had a numbers advantage with Col. Parker and Parrow on the outside and eventually utilized solid tag team and double-team maneuvers to gain the advantage. But Lawlor, who seconded his team to the ring, turned the tables on the Stud Stable.

As Michael Patrick attempted to bounce off the ropes for momentum for an offensive maneuver on Gotch, Lawlor smacked him with a steel chair. Senior official Frank Gastineau clearly heard the chair hit Patrick, but Lawlor had already tossed it to Parrow. Seeing nothing unseemly on the outside, Gastineau turned around and counted the pinfall, as Gotch rolled up Patrick for the three-count.

Meanwhile, it seems there may be some dissension in the ranks of the Stud Stable. Parrow was fed to Lawlor last week in the Dojo fight and then seemed to be blamed for this week’s loss to Team Filthy.


World Tag Team Championship Match
Lucha Bros. defeated ACH/Rich Swann
In a highly-competitive and action-packed matchup, the World Tag Team Champions – Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. — were able to get the best of Rich Swann and ACH, before each member of the Lucha Bros. could turn their attention to huge singles matches at War Games.

Swann and ACH tossed the Lucha Bros. out of the ring as the bell rang. But they didn’t enjoy an advantage for more than a few seconds. Fenix came back into the ring and hit a double cutter to start the incredible action in this matchup. Less than two minutes into the match, the MLW crowd was on fire, chanting “Holy S**t!” and “Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!”

The challengers had their fair share of opportunities. A bridging German suplex from ACH got a two-count on Fenix. Swann later hit a hurricanrana on Fenix, who crashed off the top rope onto Pentagon Jr. Swann covered Penta for another two-count.

After nearly 15 grueling minutes, none of the four men in the ring had much left. In fact, all four just stood in the ring and chopped each other in a massive test of wills and courage. Finally, a massive Pentagon overhand chop took ACH off his feet. After nearly 20 minutes, the crowd was in full throat, screaming “This is awesome!”


In the end, four exhausted men saw the contest come to an end when Pentagon had Swann in the Fear Factor that was compounded by Fenix coming off the top rope to deliver even more force behind the finishing maneuver.

For now, the Lucha Bros. will store the World Tag Team Championship belts for safe-keeping and focus on a pair of massive singles matches at War Games. Fenix will challenge Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Pentagon will face LA Park in a Mexican Massacre Match!


Promociones Dorado’s New Sicario?
Also on tonight’s show, Salina de la Renta led the newest protégé of Promociones Dorado – the Pit Bull Ricky Martinez – to the ring. Martinez destroyed Danny Santiago in a clear message to Konnan, the Lucha Bros. and anyone else who dares cross de la Renta and Promociones Dorado.


Abyss Speaks
In a video posted to Sami Callihan’s Twitter account and aired on this week’s episode of FUSION, the moster Abyss gave his first public comments about War Games. Let’s just say the 6-foot-8, 350-pounder plans to take no prisoners inside the giant steel cage surrounding two rings. Abyss called out every member of the opposition, predicting their downfall.

“Don’t worry, boys! I’ll bring the pain, the suffering and the carnage,” screamed Abyss.

Dreamer’s History at in South Florida
Hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer is very much looking forward to War Games Sept. 6 at Ft. Lauderdale’s War Memorial Auditorium. Not just because he wants to stand up for his team against Sami Callihan’s Ravagers, but because he has a ton of history in that building and special memories of a Hall of Famer.

When he was 9 years old, Dreamer got to see his hero Dusty Rhodes in action just down the road from Ft. Lauderdale. His first main event match on a Pay Per View show was Hardcore Heaven 1997 against Jerry Lawler at War Memorial Auditorium. Later in his career, dreams came true as Dreamer tagged up with Rhodes in a match in the same building.

“Tommy Dreamer returning to the Ft. Lauderdale War Memorial Auditorium is big,” Dreamer said. “I remember the Dream telling me ‘You’re so hardcore, you’re so extreme. But you don’t know what War Games brings. It will take years off your career.’ I don’t know how many years I have left. That building is special to me. The man who created that match … it was all about War Games. You laid it all on the line. Sami Callihan … you and I have had issues other palces. What are you going to do that hasn’t been done to me before?

“The American Dream is going to have the greatest seat in the house,” Dreamer continued. “It’s my first time ever being in a War Games. You wanna talk about war? You wanna talk about violence? That night, I will become the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer and anyone who is in my way, the American Dream will smile and have the best damn seat in the house.”

You don’t want to miss War Games, Sept. 6 in Ft. Lauderdale’s War Memorial Auditorium. Limited tickets are still available. Click on MLWGo.com to get your seats before theyr’e gone!

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