Fusion Recap – Sept. 28, 2018


Things escalated quickly on MLW: FUSION this week. While our own announce crew of Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini took the air and recapped some of last week’s action, MLW cameras caught a brutal backstage brawl between Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan. More on that fight and the fallout from War Games later.

In addition, on this week’s show, Low Ki maintained control over the World Heavyweight Championship, but not without controversy, in a victory over Rey Fenix. In a matchup that will have repercussions on the MLW Middleweight rankings, Jason Cade (aided his new buddy Rhett Giddins) picked up a victory over Myron Reed.

Low Ki (with Salina de la Renta) defeated Rey Fenix (with Konnan)
If it wasn’t already personal enough between Salina de la Renta, Konnan and the Lucha Bros., the animosity just went up another notch. The World Championship was on the line as Low Ki faced off with Rey Fenix, one half of the World Tag Team Champion Lucha Bros.

The split of Fenix and his brother Pentagon Jr. from de la Renta’s Promociones Dorado is well-documented. Now, one week after de la Renta was turned down when she tried to broker a deal to send Penta and Fenix to “Hunter,” de la Renta and Low Ki completely disrespected one of the most popular luchadores in the world. Most in the wrestling world understand the

BloodyReyIn a hotly-contested match, one which saw great action in and out of the ring, it was Salina de la Renta and the absolutely disrespectful act of tearing off a luchadore’s mask that made the difference. Early in the match, Low Ki went after Fenix’s mask, even damaging it in an attempt to rip it off Fenix. The World Champ went back to the mask of Fenix after bouncing his head off the ring post and bloodying the challenger and damaged it even more. All that ripping and tearing at the mask, while it didn’t come off, seemed to loosen it.

For minutes after being bounced off the ring post, Fenix was simply trying to survive the strikes and arsenal of Low Ki. But a hurricanrana off the top changed the momentum in the match. Fenix was even able to counter the switchblade kick that lifted Low Ki to the World Title. Fenix nailed a massive Spanish Fly and a devastating reverse rana. But as Low Ki tried to hold him off by pushing him into the ropes, de la Renta went too far. She ripped the mask off Fenix.


The luchadore instantly covered his face, which opened him up to Low Ki’s attack. A huge double stomp to the back off the top rope on a luchadore who could not defend  himself while also defending his identity led to a successful, if not controversial, World Title defense for Low Ki.


Havoc, Callihan Brawl
Ever since the end of War Games, Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan have wanted to get their hands on one another. This week, they couldn’t wait any longer. The two brawled, scratched, bit, clawed, punched and kicked their way all over the arena.


Callihan, Havoc Will Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal
Both men have been proposing matches to League officials for weeks. They wanted all kinds of stipulations. Their frustration over not getting a match led to the brawl on Friday night’s episode of MLW: FUSION. So, while the two brawled all over the backstage area, Bauer made it official. Havoc and Callihan will get their hands on each other at MLW Fury Road Thursday in New York City.

But they won’t get to choose the stipulation on the match. Fate will decide it.

Bauer has made their matchup a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match. With nearly a dozen different stipulations on the wheel, it could be just about any kind of match imaginable. Be there at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY Thursday to find out what the wheel and fate have in store for Havoc and Callihan. Tickets are still available at MLWTickets.com.

Jason Cade defeated Myron Reed
From before this match became official, Jason Cade and his newfound bad attitude were on display in this middleweight bout. As was his newfound best friend, Rhett Giddins. Cade attacked Myron Reed before the bell and Giddins (all 6-4, 290 pounds of him) routinely ran interference for Cade.

When Giddins wasn’t interjecting himself into the match, Reed had control. His springboard seated senton accounted for a near fall on Cade. He flew from one ring to the next (this match was taped at War Games) over two sets of ropes and nailed a cutter on Cade for a near fall. Reed later landed a cutter over the top rope on to the floor on both Cade and Giddins outside the ring.

But moments later, the numbers advantage paid dividends for Cade. As Reed scaled the top rope looking to put Cade away, Giddins took his legs out from under him, crotching him on the steel turnbuckle bolts. Cade saw the opportunity and slammed the back of Reed’s head and neck into the mat with a devastating Black Magic to take the pinfall.


Yuta, Cade Rivalry Reignites
Following Cade’s controversial victory over Reed, his former Team TBD partner Jimmy Yuta hit the ring. The bad blood between Cade and Yuta is apparently still boiling.

While Cade grabbed a mic and began to address the crowd with Giddins at his side, Yuta scaled the top turnbuckle just out of the eyesight of Cade. Yuta took Cade out with a missile dropkick to the back of the head, then headed for the hills before Cade’s henchman Giddins could get his hands on him.

Fury Road Control Center
With less than a week until MLW Fury Road at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York, the final Fury Road Control Center aired on MLW: FUSION. The big news was made official just after Yuta’s attack on Cade. This feud will continue to escalate next week in New York, as Cade and Yuta will take part in a triple threat, elimination-style matchup vs. Maxwell J. Friedman for MJF’s World Middleweight Championship. Plus, the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer will battle with the bounty hunter Brody King. Those matches were announced on this week’s episode, as this card is fast approaching!

Fury Road Tickets
Major League Wrestling will be back in New York City for Fury Road on October 4 at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens! Get your tickets now at MLWTickets.com. MLW’s last event at the Melrose Ballroom sold out, so get those tickets early and don’t miss MLW Fury Road!

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