MLW partners with Martial-Arts Advance Research Systems to launch innovation lab

Major League Wrestling is partnering with Martial-Arts Advance Research Systems (MARS) to launch an innovation lab.

The innovation lab is designed to explore furthering athlete development and injury prevention in addition to bout analysis and athlete evaluations.  MARS will also provide MLW’s television division with in-depth analytics to further enrich the viewer’s experience.

MARS is a leading sports analytics and insights technology company. Known for their breakthrough researchexploring the science and engineering underlying athletic endeavors, this partnership marks MARS’ first foray into professional wrestling.

“MARS is going to bring some breakthrough tech to MLW,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “We’re extremely proud of this partnership and what it will bring to the league, its athletes and fans.”

MARS has worked in the past with MIT Management Sloan School and with some of today’s global leaders in combat sports.

The innovation lab will tap into MARS’ emerging technology team.

The innovation lab will be housed in the MARS training complex in Ballard, Utah.

The league has been already been putting the partnership to good use with MARS testing all sorts of new innovations – innovations that will be coming to a TV near you soon.

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