EJ Nduka On His 12-Man Elimination Record In Battle Riot III


EJ Nduka is one of Major League Wrestling’s latest signees and he already is one of the most impactful.

The Judge sure held court in Battle Riot III, eliminating an unprecedented number of 12 competitors. It was the first time fans got to witness the big man’s presence and power under the league banner. Nduka sought out to impress and impose. Both were accomplished.

“Leading up to it, I said a couple things that I meant,” Nduka told Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone. “I showed up and I showed out and I was as advertised. I had a lot of fun, wrecked shop, like you said, eliminated 12 people. Not one, not two, but 12.”

It took a lot of power to take EJ out of the equation as he collided with Calvin Tankman. “The Judge” and “Heavyweight Hustle” took out each other and that only motivates Nduka further.

“As The Judge, I scout the best. I’m looking for the best and I see a lot of talent in that young man Tankman. He’s got a lot of spunk, a lot of attitude and he’s got some girth. He’s a big boy and I like to come after the best and so I was happy to go toe toe with him. He can bang, I can bang too,” he said.

When asked about the winner of Battle Riot III, Nduka had nothing but positives to say about Alexander Hammerstone.

“Looks like there is a lot of big name, big top guys in MLW that have been impressing me and Hammerstone is certainly one of them and in the future I most definitely want to see Hammerstone in that ring.”

In a medium that can tend to get negative, the social media reception was all positive for EJ’s performance.

“The feedback online was incredible. It was nothing but support,” he said before noting about the live crowd on hand at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. “It was just really in tuned and excited because I gave it my all and like I said, when I go out there I’m not giving a 100%, I’m giving a 150% and I’m glad that the people that came to watch, felt that because that’s what I gave and I’m going to continue to do that. I’m here to get better, I’m here to learn and you know, the sky’s the limit.”

First cutting his swath in pro football and bodybuilding, how did EJ develop that willingness to learn when he’s competing against other top-tier athletes?

“I’ve been an athlete all my life and one of the things that helped me get this far is being able to self-evaluate, look at myself on the other side of the spectrum,” he said. “Whatever profession you’re in, when you stop learning, you stop growing and I realized that that wasn’t going to be me” EJ wanted to be certain to dismiss any negative connotation to the term, ‘learn.’

“I’m gonna keep learning until the day I die,” he said. “So just because you say you learn doesn’t mean that you’re new, doesn’t mean that you’re a rookie, doesn’t mean you’re green, it means that you’re hungry. You always learn, no matter what.”

“It’s always, always imperative to keep learning and give you’re best cause that’s the two things you can control: your effort and how much you want to learn.”

Want to see “12” become EJ’s favorite number? Watch the Battle Riot unfold below!

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