Underground Recap: Hammerstone vs. YAMATO In International Title Fight


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The hunt is on for Real1 this week on MLW Underground, but Mance Warner makes it a short pursuit by “bada booming” him with his car right from the get-go!

Well Cesar Duran has a surprise in store for Philadelphia as he introduces Sam Adonis to MLW Underground. He also puts one million pesos up for grabs to anyone who can top the the el rudo from Pittsburgh! Being from the Steel City, Adonis has some choice words for the City of Brotherly Love!

Duran’s latest mercenary however has a tall task ahead of him as he squares off against World Tag Champ Calvin Tankman as EJ Nduka joins commentary

Sam Adonis (with Cesar Duran) vs. Calvin Tankman

Adonis is quick to show his athletic talents as he walks the tight rope and downs Tankman with a blockbuster. While Tank is down, Duran and his Azteca henchmen choke him with the briefcase! He soon goes back to the well with it, but Heavyweight Hustle makes him pay by tripping him up, elbowing him and the shoulder blocking off the apron to the outside!

Nduka mentions how he’s sick of the nepotism that takes place with SST and MLW CEO Court Bauer as they’re granted a World Tag Title shot. As Adonis leaps off the top Tank jabs him in the gut and pops him up for a spinning back elbow!

Tank goes for a standing switch, but Adonis pulls at the official’s stripes and low blow legs Tank to down the big man. He climbs up top and nails his 450 splash! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Sam Adonis

Adonis goes on to gloat even further after the win, already demanding a MLW Title shot and calls out the National Openweight Champion Davey Richards. “The American Wolf” answers the call but the numbers game comes into play and he’s the recipient of an Azteca beatdown! Suddenly, who comes out but a man all too familiar with MLW in John Hennigan!
All is not what it seems however as Hennigan has aligned with Duran, but before he showed his true color, he hit Richards with a steel chair. With the likes of Adonis, Valkyrie and now Hennigan in his lead, Duran sure has some sort of plan for a takeover of MLW!
Before we get to tonight’s World Title fight between Alex Hammerstone and YAMATO, we hear some words from the challenger who makes clear we’re gonna see a new World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

Speaking of international fights, we’ve got another one on tap as the up-and-coming Billington Bulldogs make their way to the ring to take on a faction all too familiar with Philadelphia in The FBI as it’s Little Guido and his godson Ray Jaz!

The Billington Bulldogs (Mark & Thomas Billington) vs. The FBI (Little Guido & Ray Jaz)

Guido is quick to show off his veteran prowess against the 19-year-old Mark Billington but his training skills with Davey Boy Smith Jr. have paid off and nails Guido with a solid drop kick! That prompts Guido to tag in the NCAA All-American Ray who shows off his speed against brother Thomas and The FBI tells Philly to fuggedabout!

Jaz continues to show his amateur wrestling expertise as he rolls Thomas over and pops him up for a crisp belly-to-back suplex!

We get word that Real1 has been taken to the hospital and there’s no word on the whereabouts of Mance Warner! Meanwhile, Jaz hits a top rope Sicilian Slice to Thomas and covers for a two count, but Thomas kicks out. Guido wants to show Ray how it’s done. He gets the tag, attempts one of his one, but misses!

It’s another miscue that ends up costing Jaz and Guido as Mark holds Jaz up to be hit with a top rope dropkick in a special double team variation of the Hart Attack! Showing he was trained by British wrestling legend Marty Jones, Mark hooks both legs to ensure the 1-2-3 pinfall!

WINNERS: The Billington Bulldogs

How does Hammerstone stay focused with Jacob Fatu in the back of his mind? By this time, he’s got to get used to it he tells Sam Leterna backstage. He’s supposed to look forward to SuperFight, but questions Fatu’s intentions. He even challenges Fatu to challenge him after his victory against Yamato tonight. “Call your shot, I’m ready!”

Leterna is staying busy as she catches up with Davey Richards who has some words for John Hennigan. John goes by many names, but in Philly, Richards is known as The American Wolf. He tells Hennigan anytime anywhere. Up on the big screen pops Cesar Duran and sure enough, he has Hennigan at his side. “See ya next week, Doc,” says Hennigan. Richards is clearly more than ready to square off against Hennigan.

Next up, we get an all access look at Jacob Fatu. At the age of 18, Fatu found himself behind bars. He says Hammer, you know what time it is – it’s time to get it. SST is running on high voltage. Fatu doubles down and makes it clear he can cash in his Golden Ticket anytime anywhere, but lets him know that he plans to cash it in at SuperFight.

It’s main event time.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Yamato vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

Yamato controls the wrist of Hammerstone and if the challenger gets the win, he’ll be the first Japanese MLW World Champ since the early days of Satoshi Kojima! Hammer soon gets the better of Yamato with a shoulder tackle. Hammer then nails a belly-to-belly release suplex! “Hammerstone” chants break out in Philly and YBH goes for an early Nightmare Pendulum, but Yamato escapes out of it.

Back from break, Yamato weathers the storm of Hammer’s power. Hammer finds himself in unfamiliar territory as Yamato superplexes him off the top rope and rolls right up for another suplex, but Hammer reverses the momentum and nails him with the suplex of his own!

The count gets to seven before Hammer answers and the two fighters exchange blows in the center of the ring. Yamato gets some chops in but Hammer hits him with a German suplex and then a sit-out powerbomb! 1-2-no! Not enough to put away Yamato!

Yamato hits a Frankensteiner for a near fall, but then Hammer hits him hard with a lariat. Only good for a two count, but Hammer wastes no time and hits his Nightmare Pendulum: 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Post-fight, an individual in a gas mask comes out and hands the champion a mysterious box. The person walks away as Hammer is perplexed. Could this be in relation to all the calling cards being left around? He opens it and inside is a dead squid!

As Hammer walks to the back, Fatu comes out to deliver a few choice words for the Champ and an all out brawl breaks out to close out the show!

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