Filthy Search Party underway in Brazil

Lawlor and Stevens set out to find Garrini

As Dominic Garrini’s mysterious disappearance enters its third week, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor has taken in action. The captain of Team Filthy and Erick Stevens have departed for Brazil where they will retrace Garrini’s fateful last steps before he vanished.

The trip, sponsored by Kookies and Kream, will be a man short. can confirm Kit Osbourne was detained by TSA for undisclosed reasons. Eyewitnesses allegedely saw Lawlor and Stevens running in the opposite direction of Osbourne as he was being questioned… with travel bags and a sack of cookies.

Footage of Lawlor and Stevens deep in the Amazon jungles will air exclusively this Thursday on Pulp FUSION.

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