Underground Recap: A Bloody Falls Count Anywhere Between Vampiro & Raven


To start this week’s episode of MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) we see the bloody recap of a laid out Terry Funk as The Extreme Horsemen pose for pictures. Funk is being attended to as the Hardcore Legend is tangled in barbed wire. The wire is snipped as “Playboy” Gary Hart enters the ring. He said Terry Funk now has too much pride to say “I quit.” 15 years ago he didn’t and Hart gives him several kicks to the mid-section. Hart’s enforcer also adds to Terry’s agony. As Gary exits, the ever-fighting Funk tosses a chair at him and Gary makes him pay with a stiff chair shot of his own!

GTC Carnival Match
Havana Pitbulls vs. Los Maximos

Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero step in to face the established Los Maximos. Jose and Joel come out with all kinds of confidence and a fresh new look. The bell sounds and we’re underway. Jose starts off against. Romero delivers some stiff leg shots to Jose, but Jose corners the young Romero. Test of strength. Jose controls at first but Rocky arm drags him down. Jose maintains order and the two break, giving tags to their respective partners. Reyes misses a heavy roundhouse and Joel shoulder tackles him before a headscissors sends Reyes ringside. A brawl begins on both ends! Back in the ring, Maximos lay a double facebuster on Romero for a near fall.

Roundhouse kick does down Jose and Rocky trips him up for a shotgun dropkick. A spinning leg sweep and heel kick by Maximos downs their foe. Romero kicks Joe ln the back and soon attempts a sunset flip over the apron but there’s a tag and Los Maximos down Rocky. Crisp suplex from Jose before a dropkick to the back for two. Jose gets a forearm shot in to Reyes and Rocky nails him. Kicks to Jose’s cranium commences. Belly to back suplex by Romero. Joel comes in with a flurry and the brothers hit a Washing Machine!

Massive brainbuster downs Reyes and Romero stops a double super Spanish Fly from occurring. This allows the Havana Pitbulls to hit a Cuban Execution finisher for the W – a total upset!

WINNERS: Havana Pitbulls

It is noted that Shane Douglas is going around claiming that he’s the true holder to the World Title, but Steve Corino thinks otherwise! Douglas says he was never pinned, but was stripped of the title. How is this match going to take place? More details to follow!

Mike Modest vs. Jerry Lynn

Modest comes into MLW from Pro Wrestling NOAH and Modest notes that he doesn’t come out to music because he’s not a side-show, he’s a wrestler. He spits at them before further the disparaging remarks. We go to break.

Now we see an inspired and reborn Jerry Lynn after he has escaped the discipleship of Christopher Daniels. The bell rings and the crowd is fully behind Jerry. He makes it worth their while as Jericho controls the pace and punctuates it with a spinning headscissor takedown. he comes leaping off the top with a facebuster and he gets near fall! The fight gets to the apron and Jerry guillotines Modest over the second rope. Modest however fights back and sends Jerry back into the squared circle.

He stomps a mudhole in Mr. JL before cannonball bumping Jerry with his hip for a pin attempt. Snapmare to several elbow drops by Michael but some gloating gets a small package wrapped on him! Two count!

Big belly-to-belly from Modest from out of the corner. He ascends up top to taunt yet again and slams Jerry’s skull into the corner, but it’s not very long until he shotgun dropkicks Modest from up high!

Jerry hits a lariat, a spinning neckbreaker and a tornado DDT for a near three count. Modest tries to get back in on some offense, but Jerry nails him with a TKO. Suddenly who hops up on the apron but Homicide! He chokes Jerry over the top rope and it allows Modest to roll the veteran up for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mike Modest

Word is MLW is talking to Shane Douglas. There may be talks of bringing him in! There are reported “high-level” talks about having him face Corino. A furious Los Maximos are backstage with some words to say. They’re sick of this and sick of hearing about losing in the GTC Carnival. They got screwed over ! They invite Teddy Hart, Sonjay Dutt and Dark Fuego over to the six-sided ring of Dragon Gate! “Expect the unexpected!”

We see a hooded PJ Friedman. Friday the 13th it will be he and Norman Smiley. Bring his Big Wiggle and he’ll break his neck once and for all. This is about sending a message to Vampiro and after he makes an example of Smiley, Vampiro is next on his list.

There is audio of James J. Dillon on the phone who is representing the World Champion, Steve Corino. JJ is issuing a challenge on his behalf. On Friday, February 13th the challenge will be against former champion, Shane Douglas. He notes that Douglas never lost the title and was the first to hold that historic belt. Steve Corino however wants to further build his reputation as a defending champion. That was proven by fighting Terry Funk. The legitimate challenge is issued. Sure enough, it’s revealed that Shane Douglas has accepted the challenge in Fort Lauderdale! Not only that, but there will be a No DQ match between the Extreme Horsemen and The Samoan Island Tribe with a mystery partner

Raven’s Rules
Vampiro vs. Raven

Steve Corino is on commentary for this main event. The two men shove each other before Vampiro fires off at Raven. It doesn’t take long for the fight to spill outside. Raven slams Vampiro off the pist and then off the stage as the duke it out past commentary.

Raven poses on the stage before leaning up a table. He sends Vampiro hard into it. Vamprio fights back and takes the fight to the mass of humanity. He headbutts Raven and the legend is battered and bloody. Vampiro covers and Raven kicks out. Raven kicks again, but this time it’s to the mush of Vampiro. The fight continues to rage on through the crowd and Vampiro pump kicks Raven onto an antique sofa!

He soon sends Raven back into the ring. A short flurry by Raven shows some up but Vampiro maintains control with some shots down. Vampiro hurts his knee after leaping off top for a spinning top senton. Raven nails a big clothesline and then another one. Vampiro pushes free of Raven’s patented bulldog for a facebuster of his own! He covers, but Raven gets a kick-out after a lazy cover. Vampiro comes in with a chair and Raven hits a superkick. He sets up chair and we know what’s next: drop toe hold, but Vampiro musters up enough energy for a kickout. Raven nails another one, but somehow Vampiro kicks out. Raven brings another chair in and Vampiro goes to drop toe hold Raven. Raven dodges and grabs the chair. He tosses it at Vampiro, but Vampiro ducks and referee Mickey J takes the shot!

Evenflow DDT is hit and Raven covers for a evident three count, but no referee! Soon enough, Vampiro uses the chair to hit a rolling leg shot and it’s good enough for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Vampiro

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